Guest Allegedly Urinated on Pirates of the Caribbean At Walt Disney World


This is why you don’t touch the water on public attractions.

Allegedly someone pulled down their pants and peed into the water on Pirates of the Caribbean while the ride was down and guests were waiting for evacuation. Now this video was originally from 2021, so many have ridden through her pee since.

We’ve all been there. Your stuck in a line or on a ride and have to use the bathroom. I’m sure when it seemed they were going to be there awhile the guest felt it would somehow be less embarrassing to pull down their pants and pee in the water instead of peeing in their pants.

The video was shared a couple of days ago from the @_disney._stuff_ account on TikTok.


@_disney._stuff_ Don’t ever drink the Pirates water 😳. Cred @Christina for the original vid. #disneyland #piratesofthecaribbean #magickingdom #disneyworld #disney #disneytiktok #pirates ♬ original sound – Disney Stuff!

It was taken from a video posted by @xtinabell last month.

@xtinabell @hollyjeanmadison here’s That one time we were stuck on Pirates! Thank you Disneyland for getting us off safely💙 I promise to not pee on your rides. 😉#disneytiktok #disneyadults ♬ original sound – Christina

In the video they pan back to another boat and say that they had been stuck on the ride for about thirty minutes. Then they pan back to the boat behind them and say “The fire department is here. And then, this lady back here peed in the water. PEED in the water.

Someone else adds “cheeks out and everything!

The woman continues “Pulled her pants down. Tilted her booty and pi@@ed in the water. In the LIGHT! The lights are on!”

To be honest, I have often wondered how many people just pee in the boats because the floor has water on it from the drop and the seats are often wet when you sit.

Of course it’s just their word on it, but it seems highly plausible to me.

I should bring a black light flashlight to look, but honestly I’m terrified of what I would see!

Do not stick your hands in that water. Do not drink that water. For the love of Walt do NOT PEE in the water!

Maybe that’s why Pirates smells the way it does. I know my family loves that smell and we have wax melts that we found to remind us of it. Now I question it.

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