Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Is Great, But Why Stairs?


EPCOT has recently opened it’s highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction and it has received a lot of mixed reviews. On the whole people love it, but the ride does lend itself to making those prone to motion sickness, well sick. Then there are the stairs.

Recently I got to ride this attraction with some family members and let me tell you this ride is great! It’s like Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain X 3,000.

The ride sets you up like most of the newer attractions at Disney do. You go through a queue that is basically part of the show. From the entry way with the story of Xandar and Earth to the next segment where Star Lord and Gamora are getting interviewed to the final waiting area where they set up the story about the Guardians.

Every step gives you more of the story ahead of the attraction.

Then you finally get in your ride vehicles and go. This is where it loses some. The vehicles can not only move on the track forward or backwards, they can turn side to side as well. This is utilized to follow the action on the screens. The movement can be disorienting and if you are prone to vertigo or motion sickness it might make you ill.

Here’s a look at the Cosmic Rewind track as they built it.

You can see how it’s similar to Space Mountain.

You can see how it could make someone dizzy or nauseous, especially since the ride vehicles can move side to side as well.

In fact the ride shuts down a lot and apparently some of it is for cleaning up barf.

But the ride itself is similar to Space Mountain, but with a lot more action and visuals. It also won’t yank you around as much.

Overall it is very well done and our group loved it. But the stairs.

(Image Credit: WDW Prep School)

After you get off the attraction you walk a short distance and then must descend a flight of stairs. This is where I wonder if they cut costs or ran out of money or if something else happened. A lot of people get off the attraction and have a bit of disorientation. I know my head was tilted for about 30 seconds or so till my body readjusted. After that they want guests to safely go down a flight of stairs.

Thankfully, for many, it hasn’t been an issue. But it’s really a poor design choice given the attraction and it’s become a joke to many.

Final thoughts.

Overall, if you are someone who likes coasters and can handle a bit of spinning, it’s worth the hassle of getting into the virtual queue and/or paying for the individual lightning lane. At least once.

My advice is to ride the ride, but be aware of the stairs.

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