Grogu Is Bandai’s Next Star Wars-Themed Tamagotchi!


Somehow Tamagotchis are still a thing. Countless kids of my generation killed many of these tiny electronic pets in the 1990s. Now you can relive that fun of neglecting your own pet Grogu! Leave him in a drawer and rediscover his corpse weeks later. This is the way!

The Tamagotchi comes in two flavors: standard and one with a silicone case. Yeah, I’m not kidding. The price difference is $8. So if you want a Grogu-themed sleeve for your Tamagotchi, you’ll have to fork out $27.99 instead of $19.99. Both versions are expected to be out in March 2023.

I’m pretty sure both Tamagotchis are the same; however, both descriptions differ on Entertainment Earth. This may have just been a mistake from the PR department, but if it’s not, then the silicone case version includes appearances from “The Armorer, Ahsoka Tano, and a Tusken Raider.” Odds are, these are identical.



The Star Wars Grogu Blue Tamagotchi Nano Digital Pet brings the beloved character to the palm of your hand like never before. It’s up to you to take care of Grogu, and how you do will change him into one of 12 different appearances, this includes three secret styles! Play mini-games like “Frog catch” and “Get the silver ball,” along with a third that alternates depending on how you interact with Grogu. This adorable digital pet comes with an included chain for on-the-go fun!


The Star Wars Grogu Using the Force Tamagotchi Nano Digital Pet with Silicone Case brings the beloved character to the palm of your hand like never before. The Armorer, Ahsoka Tano, and a Tusken Raider can appear as special guests.

In reality, Tamagotchi was an interesting toy, and in an era where the internet was just starting to gain traction, it was a decent distraction during the day. Did you have one? Did it live past a week? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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