Green Eggs and Ham: Brief History and Pricing Update


My personal, perhaps unhealthy, love for pizza tots at Green Eggs and Ham at Universal Orlando quick service location lacks ambiguity. I love pizza tots. in my opinion, they taste better than Halloween Horror Night’s food item, pizza fries. However, I have many friends that proclaim that buffalo chicken tots reign supreme. Of course, I have other Universal Orlando friends that have never tried the tots at Green Eggs and Ham.

In 1999, when Islands of Adventure opened, so did Green Eggs and Ham in the Seuss Landing area. This location was not well received by guests for several reasons. The main reason related to the very low-quality menu. The largest offender in terms of awful food was the Green Eggs and Ham sandwich. Let me show you a picture of this abomination…

Photo by Maggie Self

Most likely because of poor sales, the Green Eggs and Ham location was rarely open in Seuss Landing. Until the last two years, a vast majority of annual passholders (and theme park media) had never witnessed the place open.

Fortunately, late in 2019, Green Eggs and Ham reopened with a brand-new menu. The core of the menu was tater tots covered in scrumptious goodness.

The menu has changed slightly but currently has five items:

  • Pizza Tots – Pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce over tater tots
  • Green Eggs & Ham Tots – Green eggs, diced ham, white cheese sauce over tater tots
  • Buffalo Chicken Tots – Chicken tenders, mozzarella cheese, ranch, and buffalo sauce over tater tots
  • Brisket Philly Tots – Shaved brisket, onions, peppers, and white cheese sauce over tater tots
  • Who Hash – Corned beef, onions, white cheese sauce, scallions, and tater tots in a Who Hash can.

The quality and value of these covered tater tots creations displayed high value to guests. The preparation process for these tots keeps them crispy. The covered tots are made to order. This process does lead to a slow queue during peak dining times. However, guests paying $9.99 for a solid lunch ($14.99 for Who Hash, which comes with a collectible can) tend to voice satisfaction with quality and value. Some guests state that the portion size makes more of a snack than a true lunch though

Very recently, the menu board at Green Eggs and Ham changed slightly. The change happened so recently that Universal Orlando’s website team has not updated online pricing as of time of writing. As of December 11th, 2021, the price of the two most ordered tots creations experienced a small price increase. Buffalo tots are currently $10.99 instead of former $9.99. Pizza tots now cost $10.49 with only a 50-cent increase.

Photo thanks to Mandy Donohoue
Photo thanks to Mandy Donohoue

The few people i mentioned this to stated price was still worth it. On your next trip into Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure, look for the big green ham near the lagoon for some excellent non-traditional quality theme park food.

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