Grape Ape, Grape Ape Voodoo Doughnut Review


Sometimes at my place of work, I tell scary unbelievable stories to children. I mention that I am old compared to them. I will tell them about the days before “Happy Meals.” They rarely believe me. Then, I mention remembering before chicken nuggets were sold. Sometimes, this causes children to run away screaming.

In the same decade that “Happy Meals” appeared, a cartoon appeared on ABC television network. In this cartoon, a 40-foot purple gorilla served as the main character. His catch phrase was “Grape Ape, Grape Ape.”  This cartoon failed to last very long on network television. Yet, many children of that era remember this animated gorilla.

Apparently, the creators of Voodoo Doughnut franchise grew up watching this and many other cartoons of that era. Perhaps in honor of this cartoon, Voodoo Doughnut sells a “Grape Ape” doughnut. This doughnut costs $2.20.  This raised yeast shell doughnut comes with vanilla frosting. On top of the frosting, guests will find grape dust and lavender sprinkles. This textures provide some of the overall balance in terms of flavor for this doughnut.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

I understand doughnut preferences vary widely. I prefer raised yeast style doughnuts. All the raised yeast style doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts provide decent flavor. This “Grape Ape” one maintains the most unique flavor here. This doughnut, like the other frosting raised yeast doughnuts could use a bit more frosting, in my opinion. The combination of better texture and balance of flavor could be improved by a touch of more frosting. Yet, the sprinkles on top make a nice touch adding to the appearance and taste.

Photo by Jon Self

Do you remember when I wrote that I like raised yeast shell doughnuts?  This one does not fit that category of ones I like. In fairness, you might enjoy it. Though, this doughnut sells well overall. You will need to like grape flavoring with this one. People who enjoy this doughnut talk about how it is not too sweet. Also, they stress how the touch of sour and sweet go together well with this doughnut. If that type of flavor sounds interesting to you, these doughnuts earn consideration. The taste of these do rate as non-traditional. If you see that as a plus, pick one up.

In contrast, those who desire a more standard doughnut should avoid this one.  Yet, the fans of “Grape Ape” doughnuts adore this one. Maybe you will join that group. I hope this perspective helps you decide what to get next time you pass Voodoo Doughnut. As always, eat like you mean it!

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