Governor DeSantis Moves State Into Phase 3 and Removes a Lot of Caps and Restrictions


Well this explains a lot. Apparently Governor DeSantis has moved Florida into Phase 3. With this phase restaurants were supposed to operate at 75% capacity, but that has been lifted. Theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are now allowed to return to a more normal state with reduced protocols.

This is good news for the parks that need to get back to capacity to make money. However, it arguably could up the risk to guests and cast members. I hope that Disney will now use the relaxed guidelines as a time to bring back park hopping and Fast Pass. If they can cram them in the levels they are cramming guests in then they should have no issues bringing those two programs back.

Of course, during the press conference, DeSantis mentioned that Disney should increase capacity. They already were, they just weren’t telling people they were. Where else did you think all the new Park Pass Reservation slots where coming from? Disney refused to announce what the capacity levels were. The levels were already up before the announcement. Frankly, I believe Disney knew DeSantis was going to do this. I’m sure they’ve been talking quite a bit trying to push for more people. Walt Disney World is the ONLY domestic park Disney has open and with attendance down and movies down, where else are they going to make money?

DeSantis also mentioned that the park limits were not mandated by state or local restrictions and Disney should be able to raise it to whatever they wanted. It’s a great way to open the door for theme parks and yet have full deniability if another surge in positive cases happen.

At this time Disney has not made any announcements to what the capacity limits are now. I don’t expect them to because they know it will potentially scare off guests. But going by how bad it was on September 21 and 22nd, before this announcement, and seeing what people are posting from yesterday, I can tell you it’s far past the 25% Universal Orlando was doing.


Good news is that if you wanted to go you can get in and go. Personally, I wouldn’t bother until they get the full experience open so you aren’t paying full price for fewer hours, mask requirements, no park hopping, no Fast Pass, etc.

If you were hoping for low crowds and the best, most open, experience ever, well that isn’t going to happen now.

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Kambrea Pratt
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