Good Burgers To Try — Disney Springs Edition


National Cheeseburger Day is September 18th, 2021. How should you celebrate this? Now for a made-up holiday like this one should enjoy a quality burger, right? I love Wendy’s burgers as much as the next fast-food addict but sometimes you want more than that.

If you find yourself at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, then I have a few suggestions.

The most obvious choice is D-Luxe Burger.

This is a high-quality quick service burger place. The menu is simple but there is often a seasonal burger option also.

While the menu may be simple, but many of the burgers are not. For example, if you like fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese then the Southern Burger is for you. That burger has gone through some small changes in terms of construction and menu name but always satisfies.

(Image Credit: Disney Food Blog)

There is also an El Diablo Burger, which is chorizo and signature blend beef patty, fried banana peppers, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and topped with chipotle mayonnaise. Even the classic cheeseburger here is high quality. Of course, there are fries that can be enjoyed with various dipping sauces.

If you are looking to expand in terms of service and price point, then the Edison Burger at the Edison Restaurant is good choice.

This burger will cost you $25 but comes with fries included.

The menu description reads: signature beef blend of sirloin, short rib, and brisket topped with white cheddar, crispy onions, smoked bacon, house-made pickles, lettuce, tomato, special sauce, with hand cut fries. Though I have a few other table service suggestions, this is a nice safe burger option if you group wants to visit this restaurant.

(Image Credit: Disney Lists)

One of the best overall restaurants at Disney Springs is The Boathouse.

They offer the Gibson’s “Sandwich King” Award Winning Burger which consists of crispy cherry peppers, jalapeño havarti, spiced mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion served with fries for $20. They brag about awards this has won so you might want to try to see if awards were earned.

(Image Credit: Disney Food Blog)

Boathouse also offers Filet Mignon Sliders (2) for $14 served with fries that some people get when they want to go to this place but are not very hungry. Think of it as high-quality food for Cosmic Ray’s burger prices.

(Image Credit: Trip Advisor)

I have one more table service suggestion which is STK.

This steakhouse has some great burgers. They can be pricey. However, they do sometimes run happy hour and/or lunch specials on their burgers. The two best selections based on guest reports I have seen are Linz Angus Burger and the Wagyu Burger.

My last suggestion is simply because you are dining on property at the largest theme park resort in the world. I hear people say calories do not count there. If you believe that then you need to try the Donut Burger at Everglazed.

(Image Credit: Disney Food Blog)

Yes, this is two burger patties with all the standard fixings using their glazed donuts as the buns. You can get this with standard burger buns also but what is the fun in that?

However, you choose to celebrate this food-based holiday, enjoy the burger. Sorry, I left out the plant-based varieties but those will have to wait for another article. Eat well my friends!

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