Gina Carano Uncancelled


Back when Gina Carano was ceremoniously denounced by Lucasfilm in an anonymous trade publication statement, then fired from the company and The Mandalorian, things were taken to the next level. For example, not only did they fire the actress who refused to put her preferred pronouns in her Twitter bio, but they also tried to cancel every toy that reflected her character. They even went so far as to cancel the release of an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls that featured Gina Carano. Talk about deleting someone from the industry!

But the backlash was intense, and now it seems that Hollywood is walking back some of their positions on Gina Carano. Just yesterday, our Chief Editor and Owner of Pirates and Princesses, Geeky Sparkles, discovered Wal-Mart was selling Gina Carano / Cara Dune Star Wars merchandise. Now, NatGeo is pulling back the decision to ban the Running Wild episode featuring Ms. Carano as well.

To top it off, not only did Gina Carano get her episode back, but then Bear Grylls retweeted her with a statement of support! It would seem the hatred Carano has endured is beginning to wane.

All of this makes perfect sense given that Carano’s firing was such a big deal that the event actually eclipsed any news Disney was trying to garner for WandaVision while it was debuting episodes. We’ve since seen what we believe is a slowing of Disney+ subscribers, and a documented decrease in internet chatter about original Disney+ content. Carano was later hired by Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire and will now be writing, directing, and staring in her own full-length feature film.

Perhaps one of the most important changes that brought the industry back to its senses was when Forbes ran a piece about Gina Carano and her unbalanced treatment. In doing so, it was really the first mainstream, professional criticism levied at Disney and new CEO Bob Chapek. The warning was an important one — essentially letting Disney executives know that big-time investors were concerned that their direction would cost them money over the long haul. Doubtlessly the mess that is Lucasfilm and Star Wars had reached the point of convincing Wall Street and Hollywood moguls.

Forbes Says Disney Cancel Culture is Confused

We expect that this change regarding the Running Wild episode is the beginning of a course correction within Hollywood. While we’re nowhere close to an end in the culture war, it would seem that, for the moment, Showbiz is deciding that taking sides is too expensive a venture. Will NatGeo show the Carano episode in the future on Disney+? We’re betting so… even if that means putting her back in the spotlight. Will Kathleen Kennedy be watching? Less likely.

Congratulations, Gina. It would appear you’re on the road to being uncancelled, as cancelling you seems to have cost too much. It’s now a believable scenario that Favreau could call you back to The Mandalorian, albeit if someone else moves out of the Lucasfilm hierarchy. Would that send Disney+ numbers through the roof? Probably. And if there’s one thing Bob Chapek wants, it’s Disney+ numbers.

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