Gina Carano Shadowbanned from Twitter


We’re receiving reports that outspoken actress, and future director, Gina Carano, has been shadowbanned on Twitter. Users have reported that searching for Gina Carano without already having her on your followed list is resulting in her account, profile, and posts not appearing. This follows Carano making several posts about the danger of non-questioning – in other words dogmatic thinking – as well as a parody post she made about Bob Iger.

Discovered originally (as far as we can tell) by Anna of the YouTube channel “That Star Wars Girl”, other users have reportedly verified the continuing development of Twitter censoring those with whom they politically disagree.

There is no official word as to why Gina Carano’s account has seemingly been shadowbanned, how long this effect might continue, and if it is actions of Twitter officially. However, it does fit in line with a progressing movement online to rid sites of particular viewpoints. It was earlier this week that the popular (and controversial to some) comedian and conservative commentator, Steven Crowder, was demonetized on YouTube.

We’d also like to thank YouTuber Yellow Flash for brining this to our attention with a video that demonstrates the apparent shadowban on Gina Carano:

Carano has been hired by Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire and will be starring, writing, and directing a new film in the near future. Meanwhile, YouTube is contemplating removing the dislike button, which should make things much easier on Lucasfilm, Disney, and Star Wars, considering they have been submerged with dislikes on YouTube since their firing of Gina Carano. Our sister site, D-Rezzed covered the Dislike Button issue extensively in an article over there.

Kathleen Kennedy Rejoice! YouTube Plans Removal of Dislike Button

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