Gina Carano Goes On Offense as Poll Shows 73% Disagree with Her Firing


We’re beginning to get some better data that reflects exactly why Bob Chapek might have been so careful to avoid saying anything negative about Gina Carano. For those of you who missed it, Chapek was put in an awkward spot during the annual shareholder’s meeting when he was asked about a double standard that resulted in Carano being fired but people like Pedro Pascal having no risk to his job for essentially the same activity. And if you’ve been following this site, you know that neither of those two come even close to other personalities at Lucasfilm whose abhorrent communications we’ve been exposing.

Is this a Lucasfilm documentary?

Consider as we go through some of the data today, that Disney almost certainly has similar findings. They know they’re screwing up. They also know that Disney+ subscriptions started out blazing hot and are now showing troubled signs of slowing down. In the all-out race to win the streaming wars, Disney can’t afford to screw up and let the competition catch up. Eventually it’s likely that we’ll only see two or three big streaming services at the top, and one of those is going to be Netflix. For all of Disney’s meteoric rise in numbers, as well as their stock being based on speculation of future subscription numbers, they’re still only half of Netflix. As Chapek has put Disney on course for being a streaming company primarily that also has theme parks, they’re moving from a company primarily focused on industries in which they’re king and queen, into an industry in which they’re a distant second.

So the data we’re pulling from today comes from a Public Opinion Strategies guided Survey Monkey poll of 1,098 adults with a +/1 of 3.37%. The poll found the following:

73% of adults believe Gina Carano was wrongly fired.

77% of adults hold a positive view of The Walt Disney Company (a low number considering Disney primarily is known for making wholesome family content).

64% opposed Disney removing Splash Mountain’s current Bre’r Rabbit theme, which is the only theme based on African American slave folklore.

61% believe Carano was fired as part of a negative “cancel culture”.

84% oppose Disney’s filming near Concentration Camps in China. The poll didn’t query about opinions on Disney thanking the governments that run said concentration camps… I can only imagine what those staggering numbers would be.

47% of adults said they were less likely to engage with Disney content as a result of their bad behavior.

Carano then retweeted information about this survey on her Twitter account. A surprising thing happened though… while the likes went up, they then suddenly went down by a large percentage. Anybody who has spent any time on Twitter knows this is not normal. So, Carano, who is quite adept at defending herself, then went on to post photos with timestamps demonstrating this was happening. She’s clearly caught on to the whole Disinformation Age we’ve been discussing here and now has the tools to call it out. Photos with timestamps… just like how we always screenshot tweets that we’re going to talk about in articles because, well, they tend to change somehow down the road. Shocking, I know, right?

What she demonstrates is that on a continuing basis, “likes” were being actively deleted in large numbers. How large? Well, enough that only about 20% of the accounts liking the post were allowed to keep the like visible in the first hour. That continued on, meaning that the amount of likes was being capped at a staggeringly low number versus the total number of likes. That, my friends, is narrative manipulation, and we see it quite a lot lately. The news media, the corporations, big tech… they have tended to push for a sort of totalitarian curation of what people are allowed to read and write. That you’re still able to find us here is rather miraculous. But we’ll keep telling the truth. Gina Carano probably will too, albeit with a bit more bonne chance.

So, since Twitter must not want you to read that article, here’s the Western Journal piece on Disney’s approval numbers. I’ve never read a Western Journal article before today, and I don’t know anything about them. But their story is sort of integral to what we’re reporting today; it is only fair we direct you to the source.

So Twitter can try to throttle information. The search engines can make it exceedingly difficult to find sites telling the truth. But the poll shows that they’re still not able to manipulate adults into believing Disney is a-okay filming next to concentration camps or in the way they treated Gina Carano. For Disney to get the next doubling of Disney+ subscribers that they’ll need, it seems they may just have to revisit their ethics. Maybe cleaning up the mess at Lucasfilm would be a start. A mea culpa would be a heckuva start.

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