Gideon’s Bakehouse Pumpkin Cookie Finally Happens


The monthly tradition of checking our social media accounts to see what new items will be at Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs continues. At the beginning of November, I found myself lucky enough to be in the Orlando area. In addition, I visited at the very beginning of the month. Thus, I had to venture over to the Disney Spring location to try these creations. Last month, the cookies and cakes were themed to Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride.

In preparation for this review, I knew that for November 2021, the Calavera Cookie functioned as an homage to the “Day of the Dead” celebration for the entire month of November. That cookie is also known as the “Chocolate Churro Cookie.” However, Gideon’s Bakehouse surprised us with a Pumpkin cookie. In fact, in November, guests can purchase a “Pumpkin Bread Chocolate Crumb Cookie.”




As Gideon’s Bakehouse posted on its social media, “NEW COOKIE ALERT! For years many of you have asked for a Pumpkin Cookie. I don’t like to be told what to do, so I’ve denied these demands! 😝  But this year, I’m submitting to the flavors of Fall with the new Pumpkin Bread Chocolate Crumb Cookie! This mammoth new dessert is filled with real Pumpkin, our House Pumpkin Spice Blend, a little bit of Chocolate on the inside, and a generous topping of Pumpkin Butter Crumbs!”  Pumpkin fans rejoice as for this month they get a cookie.

On Gideon’s Bakehouse website, we receive a little more information about this cookie. The website description reads “People have asked me to make a Pumpkin Cookie for ten years, but I was never very into the idea. However, after months of experimenting, I think we have something pretty special. This mammoth new dessert is filled with real Pumpkin, our House Pumpkin Spice Blend, a little bit of Chocolate on the inside, and a generous topping of Pumpkin Butter Crumbs! Soft and Crunchy and Flavorful and Delightful!” Of course, the important question involves how does it taste?

As expected, this cookie is incredibly soft and easy to break apart. Also, this version of Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies does not make a large mess when breaking apart to share. After my first two bites, I determined that pumpkin lovers waiting for a cookie here would be satisfied with a good option. Yet, if you are looking for a powerful pumpkin flavor, this will not be the best cookie for you. The chocolate chips within also distract from the pumpkin flavor. The chocolate chips as always add high quality to the cookies here though. The combination, however, might distract people from wanting this just for pumpkin flavor. The crumb cake-like texture works well to add to the overall quality.

As I ate more and more of this cookie, the pumpkin flavor seemed less each time. I used several of my palate cleansing methods but still the same result. I still enjoyed the cookie around the halfway point but pumpkin lovers will be searching for more of their favorite seasonal flavor. Then, I checked with a colleague reviewing the same cookie with me. They had the same experience with their cookie. I understand that the customer expectations for Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies demand almost perfection. The longer queues cause people to expect to be blown away every time. I failed to be blown away.

Yet, this cookie makes an excellent venture into the pumpkin food culture for Gideon’s Bakehouse. The monthly cake was not available at this point. We will need to wait a little longer for that this month. However, we will update you at when that cake officially appears. As always, eat like you mean it!

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