Gideon’s Bakehouse Frankenstein Cake Slices


Often, I travel to Orlando with a group of theme park friends. One such group of friends usually expresses the virtues of the cakes and cold brews at Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs. On one occasion, they bought three slices of the cake, bringing some to me while at Universal Orlando. For the record, yes, we did eat some of that cake while sitting in the foundry area of Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen. For October, Gideon’s Bakehouse offers two monster themed cakes. They are the Frankenstein Cake Slices and Bride of Frankenstein Cake Slices.

Since the “Bride” version only reveals itself on Saturdays in October, I selected the Frankenstein version. Based on my previous work schedule, I rarely find myself in Orlando area on a weekend day, so I missed the “Bride” cake. The Frankenstein version comes as a three-layer cake. The layers consist of chocolate cake, a ridiculous amount (according to Gideon’s) of Oreo Buttercream, and M&M’s candies. The distinguishing feature of this cake involves the upside-down dripping chocolate ganache. Gideon’s Bakehouse claims to create this with black magic. This cake can be purchased every day in October.

So, what did I think of the cake?  At first glance, my cake slice looked smaller than normal. After further examination, I determined it was smaller but not much smaller than normal cake slices at Gideon’s Bakehouse. As usual, these cakes provide nice flavor and lots of frosting. The frosting in this case gave me a sugar overload in comparison to the rest of the cake. I found the rest of the cake good but not up to level of the Peanut Butter and Jelly cake served here for example. Also, I found the M&M Candies did not hold up as well in the cake versus the cookie.

Considering these cake slices cost $9 each, guests expect to be blown away every time. Though that seems unrealistic, most criticisms of the cakes here revolve around price point not quality itself. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with anything at Gideon’s Bakehouse unless you simply dislike a key ingredient of the cake or cookie.

In addition to this cake and the Frankenstein and Bride cookies, Gideon’s Bakehouse celebrates their “birthday month” with various things. For example, they will sell Black Cat Pins and T-Shirts. They wrote on their social media that “We celebrate our feline overlords each October and have released a brand-new Black Cat T-shirt and pin! The main pins are Black and Bronze, plus we have a unique Black on Black (Steve Edition) limited to only 200 pieces, available in-store only, first come, first serve! 2 per person on those! The pin is available everywhere today. The shirt is online only until Tuesday. It got Hurricane delayed.”

Also, on social media, Gideon’s Bakehouse said that because fans demanded it that French Toast Cold Brew remains at Gideon’s in Disney Springs through October.  Also returning is the lovely Pumpkin Chai Cold Brew Candle, available in stores and online.

As you can see, Gideon’s Bakehouse offers many options this October. If visiting Orlando during this month, then many opportunities to gather in Gideon’s goodness exist. As always, eat like you mean it.

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