Getting Boozy at Disneyland: The April Reopening Sees New Alcohol Venue


One of Walt’s wishes for Disneyland was that it would be a family-friendly park, unlike the theme parks of his time which were dirty and sometimes capitalizing on people’s vices. As a result, Walt Disney had Disneyland be an essentially dry park, with the only exception being a private club for only the most elite and dedicated of Disneyland’s guests.

When Disneyland reopens in April, however, that bit of Disneyland tradition is about to change. While the park had begun selling alcohol outside the “berm” in Galaxy’s Edge, it will now extend that offering to Blue Bayou inside an area of the park in which Mr. Disney was directly involved. According to the Orange County Register, The Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square will be serving up beer, wine, and hurricane cocktails starting on opening day.

As Disney continues to add more alcohol venues in its American castle parks, experts on the matter are beginning to speculate as to how many venues might be added and which locations are likely. In Orlando’s Magic Kingdom, Skippers Canteen and Tony’s Town Square restaurants have both been named as possible locations. One thing that few would want to see, however, is either Disneyland or Magic Kingdom becoming a booze-fest like Epcot can be in the evenings. If you’ve been to World Showcase, you know that there are more than a few guests who have imbibed a bit too much as they make their way around the Lagoon. With less space in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, having drunken adults sloshing about would be an even more unpleasant experience.

On some of the Disney Park blogs around the net, fans are beginning to wonder if adding alcohol sales to Disneyland is a way to make up revenues while capacity stays very low. We can’t say for sure, but it probably won’t harm Disney’s bottom line. That said, we don’t want to see heavy alcohol sales in Magic Kingdom or Disneyland lest we turn them into an environment like the Hollywood Studios afterhours private event for the UCA Cheerleading competition weekend. Let’s just say the Indiana Jones theater on that evening is turned into a dance area which is sometimes referred to as the “flesh pit” by those who have had to witness it. So, let’s avoid that sort of atmosphere in the happiest places on Earth once alcohol is added in select locations. There’s no need for kids to be exposed to extreme intoxication while getting their photo with Mickey.

So what are your thoughts on alcohol being sold inside Disneyland Park? Would you continue adding more locations in Magic Kingdom as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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