Getting a Burger at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’


Did you know that besides the excellent chicken entrées served at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, they also sell a tasty burger?

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Regarding table service dining, people should usually abide by specific unwritten rules. For example, you should be careful ordering a steak from many seafood places. Also, be careful modifying a menu item unless needed for an allergy reason. This rarely goes well since chefs have worked hard to perfect that recipe. Another common unwritten rule would be avoiding beef entrees at a chicken restaurant. Yet, all these unwritten rules have noticeable exceptions.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

As you might have guessed, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ serves as an exception to that last one. Since I have been spending more time in Orlando lately than initially planned, I have stopped into Homecomin’ often. On one occasion, I ordered “The Art Burger.”

Outdoor Seating Option at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

With the refill sipper bottle program here, I visit this location often. Usually soon after I exit the Orange Garage area at Disney Springs. The outdoor seating area at Homecomin’ creates a friendly, relaxing dining environment. The stereotypical image of sitting in the backyard with an iced tea and enjoying some burgers works with this setting. Thus, “The Art Burger” called my name.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

This burger with house-made barbecue chips costs $20. You can order this with fries instead of chips, however. I suggest chips over fries here. The menu describes this burger as two beef patties topped with American cheese, Art’s special sauce, tomato-bacon jam, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on a brioche bun. Always check the official Homecomin’ website, not the Walt Disney World site, for menu information about this place. The Disney website has been outdated for as many as five months over the last year.

Worth it? 

So, is this burger worth your time? I suggest that it might be. The two burger patties qualify as juicy for sure. The burger patties provided here are perfectly cooked. The bacon jam works well with this burger and brioche bun combination. If you are a pickle fan, the pickles taste great. This burger provides the simple flavor expected from a burger. The special sauce adds a little, but some people do not notice its flavor.

However, you will notice the sauce as you eat this. The juicy burger and the sauce can lead to a messy liquid dripping out of the burger. Another potential negative with this burger for me relates to the cheese. I know they desire to have a traditional USA-style cheeseburger. The cheese melts well. It tastes fine. Yet, I would have liked better-quality American cheese or a different flavor altogether.








If you are looking for a solid burger, this one will meet that need easily. Does everyone else want chicken, but you want a burger? This entrée solves that issue. With the outdoor bar area, you can enjoy a lovely day with your beverage of choice and a well-made burger also. For more reviews of Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, links to other articles about this place can be found below. As always, eat like you mean it!

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