George Lucas Interview About Losing Control of Star Wars is Hidden on YouTube


It’s been a strange week for Star Wars and Lucasfilm news. Earlier this week, there was quite a kerfuffle when social media accounts with followers from Lucasfilm seemed to be involved in a coordinated attempt to deplatform Star Wars critics. This was more gross because this also seemed to somehow involve low-tier professors putting out “research” in regards to Star Wars critics being aligned politically in some grand conspiracy. This is all the sort of psychological internet operation that you might expect out of unstable individuals… not accounts (and potentially sock puppet accounts) being followed by Lucasfilm employees.

But today it’s getting weirder.

Thanks to Yellowflash 2 on YouTube, we’ve been made aware of a recent interview George Lucas did having suddenly gone private. In the video, Lucas was being interviewed by youth at a middle school where he was asked a variety of different questions. Some of his answers were not necessarily flattering to Lucasfilm / Disney. In the original video, Lucas makes the following statements:

“I kind of lost control of Star Wars, so it’s going off in a different path than what I intended.”

“The first three basically tell you how democracy turns into a dictatorship and you end up with a tyrant, the Emperor. It’s very important now, where we are now in our political history.”

Now, those are some very light criticisms for Disney and Lucasfilm in the way they’re currently treating Star Wars. They’re utterly benign. Yet, not even this level of criticism is acceptable. For you see, this YouTube video has been hidden, presumably by the middle school where it was hosted. Are K-12 educational institutions now even being pulled into the need to censor? It’s bizarre that Star Wars has become this lightning rod of attention where careers are threatened, censorship is normalized, and coordinated online attempts are made to deplatform anyone who disagrees with the narrative. It only makes sense if you consider that the people doing this also consider Star Wars to be the center of a culture war that they are determined to win. The property has essentially been coopted for the purpose of driving forth a sociopolitical goal rather than entertaining or providing a timeless narrative.

Luckily Pirates and Princesses and Clownfish TV, as well as other truth tellers out there, are not going anywhere. We’ll continue to cover Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Disney, and other entertainment entities with positive and negative stories depending on their actions. We’ll continue to operate with free speech, providing you with a source for news outside the preferred narrative of mega corporations. We hope the original interview with George Lucas is restored to public access unless Mr. Lucas himself requested it be made private outside of any coercion, financial or legal. Having access to free speech and free knowledge is vital for democracies to function… be it about culture, entertainment, or anything else.

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