Galaxy’s Edge Cast Members in California Being Laid Off

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The repercussions of California’s mandates for reopening theme parks are not even being felt yet, but already some cast members are being let go.

According to user “whiteness” at Micechat, cast members for Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort are being terminated regardless of how many years they’ve worked at Disneyland. Apparently, these cast members forfeited seniority somehow when they switched to the new expansion. This technicality means that they’re all being let go.

From Micechat:

“Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cast Members in Disneyland are being laid off in the latest round of Disney’s 28,000 layoffs. Disneyland Resort reached agreements with several Cast Member unions regarding furloughs and the layoffs.

According to Teamsters Local 495, Cast Members who transferred to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge from Disney California Adventure lost all scheduling seniority because Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have separate union contracts. A Cast Member who had worked for the company for years in Disney California Adventure was effectively considered a new hire upon transferring to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Cast Members who transferred from within Disneyland Park did not lose seniority.

Transferring Cast Members were told upon starting at the new land that seniority would not make a difference in getting the hours they needed. However, seniority is now determining layoffs, so many long-time Cast Members are being affected. Many Cast Members and Disney fans shared their frustration on Twitter.”

Mice Chat Original Article

Meanwhile, contacts we have our reporting that Disney is a madhouse at the moment. They played the political game with California and they were still essentially taken out at the knees. The current wording of the theme park reopening guidelines mean that Disney is unlikely to reopen Disneyland until late spring 2021 at the earliest. At a time when Disney is essentially living off of Disney World revenues, this is a brutal blow. Given the capital poured into Disneyland to prepare it for an opening in November, Disney thought they had a deal. They didn’t. Iger failed again.

Expect Disney and other theme park companies to respond with more than words in the very near future. In the meantime, we’re hearing the oncoming layoffs could be vast. The businesses that could go under around Disneyland are perhaps even worse.

We’ll cover more of that in the days ahead, but for now, let us know what you think about California’s edicts in the comments below:

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