Funko Canceled Gina Carano Pop! Vinyl But NOT Johnny Depp Toys?


It was reported that Funko had cancelled the Cara dune Pop! Vinyl toy, but it would seem that Disney isn’t mandating that all “problematic” celebrities be cancelled from their mercandise.

According to pre-order listings on Entertainment Earth, Funko and Diamond Select apparently still manufacture toys of Captain Jack Sparrow, Gellert Grindelwald and The Mad Hatter, three of Depp’s iconic roles. And in the case of Grindelwald, Depp had been fired from the role by Warner Bros. and replaced by Mads Mikkelson after losing his high-profile defamation case.

As such, it would seem likely that the decision to suddenly cancel all Cara Dune merchandise is being mandated by Lucasfilm, and not The Walt Disney Company as a whole.

In fact, Disney has no problem selling other merchandise with Depp’s likeness, despite the media portraying him as a “wife beater.” Wouldn’t being a “wife beater” be worse than tweeting about right-wing politics? Apparently not to Lucasfilm.

Diamond Select recently released a brand new figure of Captain Jack, so it would appear that Disney isn’t so quick to call up licensees to “cancel” certain celebrities if there’s still money to be made.

The speed and thoroughness of Gina Carano’s cancellation seems to be solely at Lucasfilm’s discretion. They likely don’t want to give any more money to someone they’ve deemed to be “abhorrent.”

The rumor is that Lucasfilm will be scrubbing all references to the Cara Dune character going forward, which does seem like overkill. Check out the Clownfish TV video below talking about how Gina Carano seems to have been cancelled faster and more thoroughly than many celebrities before her, even those who’ve face criminal charges.

Over a couple of tweets.

And this after Disney CEO Bob Chapek said Disney wasn’t political — that they didn’t lean left or right.

It’s hella weird, Lucasfilm. Is something else going on over there we’re not aware of?

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