Free Printable Paper Dolls, Coloring Pages and More


I’m sure a lot of parents and kids are stuck at home. Previously we posted some crafts you can do and now I’m posting some printables you can use to have some fun.

My mom is a huge fan of paper dolls and I even bought her a recreated Sleeping Beauty set she had when she was a little girl. Growing up she often made us these to play with and I used to make them for my little sister as well.

A little tip. If you print these out, print the figure on cardstock or glue it down to something a bit stiffer and you will have better results. If you have a light box or if you tape the figure to the window and put paper over it, you or your kids can design your own clothes for these.

Since it’s a good idea and other sites have been using my ideas I figured I would share this one in return. Plus I do have a lot of experience with paper dolls in general.

There are all kind of paper dolls out there you can print. Pinterest is a great place to search, but my favorite are always from this source!

Paper Dolls by Cory! One of the best ones out there! I always love the ones they do!

Perfect for finding unique characters you don’t see very often!

How about this Baby Yoda! I love it!

Witch Hazel! I love this one!

“Trick or Treat” is one of my all time favorites!

I love them so much! Especially the Don Karnage and Witch Hazel ones.

Just for kicks and giggles here’s a piece my husband did for someone once, featuring Don Karnage and Robin Hood.

But my absolute favorite is Constance Hatchaway-aka The Haunted Mansion Bride:

There are even ones you can color yourself!

You can find even more of their work on Instagram!

If Coloring pages are more up your alley you can find a bunch of them HERE.

Coloring Home also has some with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

You can even find The Haunted Mansion coloring pages!

Here are a few of my husband’s line-art pieces you can also use if you would like:

Maybe you or your child would like to draw your own!

Of course I think this is the best as an art teacher!

Here are some tutorial sheets!

Jaq and Gus





You can also consider Paper Crafts

Here’s a Baby Yoda

Easter Olaf

(other Olaf editions available)

Origami Yoda

As you can see, there are all kinds of resources out there. Pinterest is a fantastic way to find complied lists.

I think some of the memories you can make with these crafts might last longer and mean more than even those you make at the parks.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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