Fred Sorenson Celebrates his 70th Birthday at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bay


This fall the Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bay, at Disney Springs, will celebrate it’s 4th anniversary! This bar/restaurant is made to look like a 1940’s era plane hangar with many touches based on the Indiana Jones character Jock Lindsey.

For those that don’t know Jock Lindsey was the pilot (with very little screen time) in the Raiders of the Lost Ark film.

But one very cool aspect is that he was played by Fred Sorenson, an actual airline pilot! What did Fred do for his 70th birthday? He celebrated at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar of course!

I just love how meta this is!

The Disney Parks Blog had the chance to interview him!

(Photo Credit Disney Parks Blog. Interview by Kelsey Noland)

It’s been a while since you were in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but obviously, that was a huge part of your life. When you visit Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, does it bring you back to those days?

“Yes! Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar represents the essence of what I’ve done and continue to do every day. I’m still an active pilot for a charter company and I also help deliver airplanes all over the world. That’s actually how I got the role of Jock Lindsey—I was helping the film crew look for a plane to use in movie and they also needed someone to help deliver and get it set up, then I was asked if I would be interested in portraying Jock Lindsey!”

What’s your favorite item on the menu at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar?

“That’s a tough one—I’d have to say the Reggie’s Revenge cocktail.”

Walt Disney Imagineers are known for their storytelling and attention to detail. Do you think they got it right with Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar?

“They nailed it! The fact that it looks like exactly like an old airplane hangar and it’s located right on the water where you can hear the water and boats, it’s just perfect.”

Do fans still recognize you? If so, what’s that like?

“Sometimes. My favorite interactions with fans sometimes happen by accident. We’ll be talking about Indiana Jones and then I mention something like “Well you know, I was Jock Lindsey…” and they say “You mean…”Jock start the engine?!” It’s amazing how many fans remember that small scene.”

You’ve had a full career and travel has been a big part of your life. When you travel to Disney Springs, what’s your favorite go-to spot?

“I actually love just watching those amphicars at The BOATHOUSE! I almost bought one.”

Of all the places you could have picked to celebrate your birthday, you came here – why was this spot the right choice for you and your guests?

“I wanted to pick a venue that reflected 70 years of my life and Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar truly represents everything I enjoy about my life and the career I’m so passionate about.”  

Anything else you’d want to share with readers of the Disney Parks Blog?

“I appreciate the fans so much. Jock Lindsey represents the idea of adventure and dreams and being able to bring that to others and see their faces light up is simply amazing. I would tell readers to never stop dreaming and taking adventures in life—you’ll never know what will happen!”

I think it’s fun how life can just put something in your lap like this and next thing you know you are celebrating your 70th birthday at a bar, in Disney Springs, based on a character that got just a tiny bit of screen-time. That inspires me. You never know what can happen.

I really want to visit Jock Lindsey’s. My parents were both pilots and we grew up with a lot of the types of things he describes. Indiana Jones always reminded me of my father and this reminds of my dad even more.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sorenson! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

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Source: Disney Parks Blog


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