Frankenstein Lives! Cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse Disney Springs


The month of October brings us into the actual month with Halloween Day. Yes, Walt Disney World has been celebrating Halloween for more than a month and half so far but who is keeping track? Of course, the beginning of each month means new cookies and cakes being sold at Gideon’s Bakehouse. Apparently, Gideon’s Bakehouse started in October, so they declared it their birthday month. This means lots of special weekend promotions and special merchandise also this month.

Since I flew to Orlando area on a last-minute trip, I realized I would be able to enjoy the monthly cookie special toward the beginning of the month. Hopefully, if you are interested in this cookie, then you will have time to enjoy it also. The Frankenstein Lives! cookies return for October again this year. Though this cookie sounds like it belongs over at a food tent at Halloween Horror Nights near the “Legends Collide” house, Gideon’s claims this is one of their most popular limited-edition cookies. Gideon’s Bakehouse says “this cookie stitches together various chocolates, double stuff Oreos, and M&M’s to resurrect one of our most popular Limited-Edition Cookies of the year.

So how was this cookie? I found the cookie itself shows off what Gideon’s does best. The flavor of the cookie portion itself does not get overwhelmed by all the other components. I usually enjoy the cooked batter aspect of Gideon’s cookies. This seasonal option does not disappoint in that area either. I love M&M candies, so the larger size version used with this half pound added to my enjoyment.

However, my personal preference would not have me order this one again. Gideon’s Bakehouse offers so many better cookies to this. I did not find much Oreo cookie flavor in this cookie. For a cookie promoting Double Stuff Oreos, this one fails in that aspect. The sum of all the parts does not make this better.

Is this a good cookie, yes!

Does Gideon’s Bakehouse offer several cookies that taste better than this—Yes!

I found the base cookie better than the other flavors with my order of this cookie. As usual, the softness of this cookie works so well. This cookie, like the others, should be shared.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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