Former Imagineer Joe Rhode speaks on “Fun at the Parks”


Joe Rhode is one of Disney’s most well known Imagineers, often credited as the creative designer for Animal Kingdom from its opening till his departure in January of 2021. He is also known for his wild creativity that influenced Walt Disney World’s Fourth Major Park, as well as on and off involvement at Epcot and the Fantasyland refurbishment. For his efforts he is highly respected by his peers and the Disney Park fans.

The other day Joe Rhode took to his Instagram page and made a very long statement on “Fun”, more specifically talking about how people usually say “It is Fun to go to Walt Disney World”.

Joe argues that the Disney Parks are more of an experience, traveling to a place you never thought you’d see and making memories with your families and loved ones. A connection between the guests and the hard workers who put on the show and give you and your family a good time.

Some have said that this may be in response to his departure earlier this year. Disney was greatly affected financially with the 2020 park shutdowns and numerous people were let go. When Joe Rhode left earlier this year some believed he was asked to step down by the higher ups, especially with the New Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, being a known penny pincher. Some of these comments may be in response to Disney’s recent cost cutting.

I for one commend him on his stance and agree with him. The last line “Theme Parks are a form of communication between Designers and Audiences… They are relationships. People like worthy, meaningful, invested relationships… Not cheap ones.” definitely stood out.

What do you think of Joe Rhode’s statement?

Source: WDW News Today

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