Former Disney Cruise Line Employee Accused of Molesting 10-Year Old Boy


Former Disney Cruise Line employee, Oliver Lovatt-24, has been arrested for molesting a 10-Year old boy aboard the Disney Magic.

He was the Youth Entertainment Host aboard the ship and, according to the Miami-Dade Country court records, faces two felony charges of being an adult who engaged in lewd and lascivious behavior with a child younger than 12.

The alleged victim was playing inside the Oceaneer Kids Lab on April 28th around 10:30 PM when the incident occurred.

Here’s an excerpt from ABC Action News:

During a game that involved the 10-year-old getting blindfolded and spun around several times, Lovatt “fondled the victim’s [private parts] outside of the clothing,” the arrest report stated.

Later, during another game, authorities said Lovatt was sitting next to the alleged victim and moved his hand toward him.

The victim, in fear the defendant would fondle his [private parts] again, proceeded to cover his genital area,” according to the arrest report. Lovatt “proceeded to place his hand over the victim’s hand, attempting to fondle his [private parts] again.

Authorities said that the security footage collaborated both incidents, and “According to his arrest report, Lovatt confessed and was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami-Dade County on charges of lewd and lascivious molestation.”

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges and a trial date has been set for October 28.

Kim Prunty, Disney Cruise Line Spokes Person, offered this statement:

“We have zero tolerance for this type of unacceptable behavior. When we became aware of the allegation, it was reported to law enforcement and the crew member was removed from duty permanently.”

People will ask how this could happen. What about background checks?

As a teacher I can tell you that background checks are a wonderful thing. They definitely keep children safe, however, if a person has never been caught, or has no record,  they would likely clear a background check. So every possible precaution could have been taken and someone could still slip through.

I am in no way minimizing this incident or giving it a pass. I’m just explaining how this could happen. (Of course that is assuming that all the background checks were completed and completed properly.)

Thankfully it was reported and handled immediately.

Source: ABC Action News, NBC News

Featured Image: ABC Action News

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