Florida Theme Parks Can Now Submit Reopening Plans to the State


Now for a bit of good news. Florida is going to move into Phase 1 of reopening on Monday, May 18th. This means that restaurants and stores can raise their capacity to 50%, up from the current 25%, and other locations like gyms can reopen then too.

Florida’s governor says that theme parks can submit reopening plans:

Here’s what he said:

Parks can submit reopening plans to the state. They should identify the date certain that they believe that they could resume safe operations. They have to provide how they’re going to do it. How they’re going to accommodate the guests. How they’re going to protect the staff. And then they  need to have an endorsement from the relevant official in their locality, the Orange County mayor or wherever you’re talking about.

The plans would contain estimated opening dates, safety measures, etc. We might be getting a better idea of when we can see the parks begin to open soon. Of course they are considered a later phase in the reopening process.

He also stressed safety first and said that Disney and Universal have both been on top of it. Which is great news!

Disney Springs will be reopening on May 20th and right now a lot of the third party restaurants and shops are going to reopen with it. But according to the union Disney owned stores and restaurants will be opening at Disney Springs on May 27th. So we are definitely moving forward here, which is good.

Maybe we will get some opening date announcements soon!

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Source: Twitter

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