Florida Governor Says Walt Disney World ‘Far Ahead of Curve’ With Re-Opening Plans


Now for a bit of optimism, but put into perspective, Florida governor DeSantis tells Fox News that Disney and other businesses are working on ideas for re-opening.


Here’s what he said:

It’s amazing the ideas that the businesses are already thinking about. They’ve been thinking deeply about this for weeks and weeks. There’s a lot of great ideas I’ve already seen put on the table. I’m in discussions with places like Disney. They are so far ahead of the curve, and I think everyone wants to make sure that we do it safely. 

And yeah, if you think about it. If you own a hotel in Miami the last thing you want is to do a false negative and then have a small outbreak in your hotel.  So they are very keen on safety, and I think they are going to be leading the way on the innovation. So we’ll have some guidelines of course, but I think a lot of the businesses are going to go above and beyond..

Of course this comes as no surprise to us because we had already posted the insider rumors about various plans and procedures Disney is looking at upon phased re-opening. It’s clear they have been thinking about this and creating solutions for various scenarios and guidelines to keep guest safe.

Universal has also been pro-active in their plans, even sending out a survey to guests about what guidelines they would and wouldn’t feel comfortable abiding by.

It seems that what the governor is talking about is companies being pro-active in procedures and ideas to make it safer for customers when they are allowed to reopen. We still have to wait until all of these businesses are given the go ahead to open again. But there will definitely be guidelines, as the governor, and the companies involved, want to make sure they aren’t causing new “outbreaks.”

So it’s good news for sure, but we still don’t have any concrete time frames or official procedures yet. This doesn’t mean we are closer to reopening, just closer to having better practices in place when it opens.  Hopefully we will have more information and a time-line soon.

Source: Andy Slater Twitter, Fox News

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