Florida Coronovirus Cases on the Rise Weeks Before Disney World Reopening

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Confirmed cases of coronavirus are on the rise in Florida, just weeks before Walt Disney World is planning its phased reopening on July 11.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Orange County has set another single-day record for positive coronavirus cases on Saturday. Health experts are now wondering if there was a false sense of security after the curve had been flattened.

State data Friday showed 124 new cases in Orange County, setting a single-day record for the second consecutive day. The state reported 121 new virus cases on Thursday. That combined two-day total is higher than the entire week of May 31, which saw 203 cases.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blames the uptick in confirmed cases on younger residents getting tested. 1,902 coronavirus cases were reported Statewide on Friday, the biggest increase yet in daily reported infections.

Dr. Cindy Prins from the University of Florida, said she suspects Floridians developed a false sense of safety after the state flattened the curve of new cases.

“I expect to see this continue to climb a bit,” Prins said. “What we really need to do is get the message out to people to wear a mask when you go out. I think that’s really, really critical.”

The wearing of masks does seem to be an issue for many due to the heat and humidity, especially those visiting theme parks.

And while Disney Springs seems to be enforcing the mask rules pretty strictly, other theme parks seem to be much more lax according to bloggers and YouTubers.

It remains to be seen how effectively Disney will be able to enforce its safety protocols when the Parks come back on line next month. It also remains to be seen if coronovirus continue to climb and if that is a deterrent for people planning to visit Florida theme parks this summer.

[Source: Orlando Sentinel]


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