Five Potential Rides for Universal’s Epic Universe


With Universal’s Epic Universe still underway, only now it has a 2024 Opening Date. The mystery of this new park had lead to much speculation over what attractions may be featured there.

From the concept art many have pointed out some features that look to be themed after a certain IP but most haven’t been officially been confirmed by Universal yet. The speculation has lead to many guessing many of the attractions that may be featured. 

I have five of the rumored attractions to share with you today.

5 – Dracula Roller Coaster

On the Map of the park in the top left corner many have stated it resembles a land
themed after the Classic Universal Monsters. The Universal Monsters usually roam the park from time to time mostly around Halloween for the Halloween events, but they’ve never a full on, permanent, attraction.

The Frankenstein Windmill is present and some believe the large structure is Dracula’s Castle, with a potential roller coaster on the inside, where you fly around like a Vampire Bat through the night sky.

4 – Dragon Flight (How to Train You Dragon)

A recent Patent shows a potential ride that combines elements from Disney’s Soarin’
and Flight of Passage attractions, where the riders dangle over a projection screen and see the world below.

This ride is potentially planned for a Land themed after Dreamworks’ “How To Train Your Dragon.” Guests would fly with Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders soaring thought the sky and see other various Dragons on your flight.

3 – Enterprise Space Flight (Star Trek )

Though not an attraction planned for the park’s opening, rumors of a future expansion
themed after Paramount’s Star Trek series are very popular.

With Disney owning Star Wars Universal may want to use a similar IP that is almost as  popular to Star Wars.

In this future expansion a ride similar to Star Tours or Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run will allow guests to board the Starship Enterprise and travel through the Final Frontier of space.

Star Trek has a prior history with Universal Orlando. It was there before in the “Star Trek Adventure” interactive attraction that ran from 1991 –1996.

2 – Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter

One of the lands teased in the concept art is a land themed after Fantastic Beasts.

Since Harry Potter already is at Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure, Universal may seek to add the other IP of the Wizarding World franchise to a new park.

As per usual it is planned as an indoor attraction where you would ride on a beast through the world of the Fantastic Beasts movies. But with recent controversies surrounding the franchise and the Fantastic Beasts films being less financially successful as their Harry Potter counterparts, some speculate the plans for using the Fantastic Beasts IP may be changed to another Harry Potter attraction.

1 – Super Nintendo World

Well this one’s pretty obvious, with Universal announcing that Nintendo would come to
all three major parks this world was heavily teased and even spotted on the concept map.

But nothing is yet set is stone  and we still may see other IPs added to Universal.

There are still rumors of a Pokemon Themed area, but it is unknown if Pokemon will be a standalone project separate from the Mushroom Kingdom and DK Jungle. There’s also a rumor that The Lost Continent will be rethemed to Legend of Zelda.  Right now that’s all more speculation.

What attractions are you excited for? What do you want to see from this new “Disney
Killer” park?

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