Five Potential Future Pavilions at EPCOT

Epcot, Walt Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, is a theme park based around bringing the communities of the world together. At the main part of the park, The World Showcase, we see a variety of pavilions representing countries from around the world.

Over the years a number of countries have been proposed to join the World Showcase for more representation around the world. Here we are going to look at five of them.

1 – Russia

This pavilion was originally planned in the Late 1990s with a potential early-mid 2000s opening, but the September 11th Attacks on the World Trade Center in New York caused this, and many other Disney projects to go unrealized. The Russian pavilion would be a good place for those who love the cold rustic lands of Mother Russia, with enough Vodka to go around, this would be a fun place with potential for an attraction based on the 1998 Fox Animated Film (Which Disney Acquired) Anastasia.

2 – Spain

Another casualty of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, Spain was planned to have an indoor water based dark ride (not much is known what it would have been about) and was planned of be one of the top dining areas of the park. Spain is known for its vibrant and festive culture and large variety of food, so such a pavilion would make a very interesting addition.

3 – India

The country of India has a history lasting thousands of years, dating back to when the ancient Greeks still thrived. Today they are known for their lavish celebrations, and of course, Bollywood. This pavilion could not only provide a stage show with singing and dancing, as well as great Indian food, but also a dark ride themed after The Jungle Book, which is set in India.

4 – Israel

The Middle Eastern country of Israel, was originally planned to be one of the original pavilions at the park, set between Morocco and Japan. Sadly, this Pavilion never came due to possible conflicts with the Arab League, so it was canceled. A Pavilion like this would bring in the unique culture of the Israelites to a broad stage. I’d not sure what attractions this section might have, but the food would definitely be delicious.

5 – Brazil

Also known as the country probably more obsessed with football/soccer more than the United Kingdom, Brazil is the largest country in South America. Many people have stated over the years that Brazil may come to Epcot, but what attractions(s) will it include? I’m not 100% sure. I would say something like The Emperor’s New Groove, given the South American Inca/Maya/Aztec connection? Maybe something themed after Carnival? Who knows. I’m sure the food would be good.

Epcot is a unique park for Disney, showcasing many different cultures from around the world in one place, why go around the world in 80 days when you can do it in an afternoon? Hopefully if they add more pavilions we can have some countries like the ones I mentioned, as they would definitely attract a wide variety of people who want to see every corner of the world come through that place. Bringing the world together, one Mouse at a time.

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