Five Great “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Stories That Never Came To Be


The Clone Wars series that aired from 2008 – 2013 on Cartoon Network is considered to be one of the best action cartoon ever produced. The show ran for five seasons until its untimely cancelation when Disney squired Lucasfilm in late 2012. Instead of simply moving the show from one network to another they opted to develop a new show, Star Wars Rebels, for Disney XD.

Due to that not only was Season 6 of the series cut in half and allowed to air on Netflix, but another two whole seasons worth of material were also scrapped. Some of those canceled stories were adapted into other mediums and a “Seventh Season” was released on Disney Plus in in 2020 a majority of the stories were outright discarded. Let’s take a look at five of them today:

1 – Boba Fett & Cad Bane

This story would have seen a now teenage Boba Fett team up with Cad Bane to rescue a kidnapped teenager from a group of Tuskin Raiders. The story also reveals that Bane and Jango Fett were once rivals. The story ends with a cowboy style shoot-out with Boba Fett winning the duel. Bane would of course survive with only minor injuries. 

2 – Crystal Crisis on Utapau

This story would have seen Obi-Wan and Anakin called to the planet of Utapau to investigate the murder of a Jedi while also discovering General Grievous and his forces trying to mine a giant Kyber Crystal (The one used for the Death Star). Despite the episodes not being finished animatics were released online.

3 – Son of Dathamor

This story would have filled in the gaps between Darth Maul being subdued by Darth Sidious and the Siege of Mandalore. Maul would have encountered both his replacement, Count Dooku, and the cyborg General Grievous, as well as finishing the story of Mother Talzin. The story was adapted into a 4-issue comic by Jeremy Barlow. 

4 – Yuuzhan Vong Abduction

This story sees the appearance of the race of aliens called the Yuuzhan Vong which originated in Star Wars Legends. The Yuuzhan Vong are an invading spices from another galaxy. This story was said to be an alien abduction story akin to something out of the X-Files of Aliens. Seeing our heroes abducted by a unknown pieces would have made for a very suspenseful and even scary story.

5 – Dark Disciple

Perhaps one of the most well known canceled episodes this story was adapted into a novel by Christine Golden. The story sees Asajj Ventress team up with Jedi warrior Quinlan Voss as Ventress is on a mission to get revenge on Count Dooku for betraying her. Ventress also falls in love with her Jedi counterpart and it ends with her sacrifice, finally redeeming her turn to the dark side.

Even though we never got to see these episodes in action their influence on the series still continues through the works of Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau.

What canceled episode would you have wanted to see?


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