Five Deleted Marvel Scenes That Probably Should Have Stayed


Whenever you make a movie you usually have to leave a few scenes on the cutting room floor. Sometimes for pacing reasons, sometimes due to rewrites, sometimes due to changes in the script etc. Sometimes you get scenes from a movie that were taken out but may have actually been beneficial to the movie had they remained in the film. Be it adding more to the story, fixing a continuity issue or even just to add more personality. Marvel has plenty of deleted/alternate scenes that some have said would have been better had they been in the final cut. Let’s take a look at five of those today.

1 – More New Members (Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

In Avengers: Age of Ultron we of course had that one scene at the end where all the New Avengers assemble, adding Falcon, War Machine, Vision and Wanda. But did you know that in the lineup we were not only supposed to get Quicksilver, but also Carol Danvers (Played by an extra since she had not been officially cast yet). This would have definitely changed the playing field for Phase 3. The scene was shot and apparently they wanted to keep Quicksilver in the MCU, which is why they threw in this surprise, but AOU had such a messy development that his appearance was ultimately cut. Marvel also decided to give Carol Danvers her own solo film before having her join the Avengers. Just imagine them in Civil War or Infinity War, how different everything would have been.

2 – Fight For The Soul Stone (Avengers: Endgame)

This is more on the list for personal reasons, but in Avengers: Endgame when Hawkeye and Black Widow were after the Soul Stone we of course see them somewhat fighting since they were doing the “I’ll sacrifice myself”, “No, I’ll sacrifice myself” bit where Black Widow does give her life for the mission. But in the original version Thanks’ forces appear and start shooting up the place. Black Widow is wounded in the fight and drags herself to the edge sacrificing herself so that Hawkeye can get out of there with the Stone. To me this felt like it had more of the “I’ll sacrifice myself” and had her go out fighting.

3 – Family Reunion In New York (Thor: Ragnarok)

When Odin was banished to Earth in the original version we saw Odin sitting on a rock on the edge of a sea in a peaceful setting. But in the original version Loki had Odin become a hermit in New York City, having him hide in plane sight and keeping an eye on him. In this version we had more gags from Dr. Strange as well and some more family talk. Not to mention this version of the events when Thor’s hammer is broken was in the original trailer, and in the current version it looks a little choppy as they changed the background Hella was in. For me Loki making Odin, a king, into a hermit felt more in character with the trickster. 

4 – Captain America Takes It All In (The Avengers)

When Captain America woke up in the 21st century he of course had a lot of questions and had to adapt. In Avengers a number of sequences where Steve walks around New York going to places like WWII Memorials and looking up the status of many of his comrades, seeing that all but Peggy have passed away. He almost decides to call her but decides not to. These added a heavy feeling to Steve’s story where he has to adjust to the new world. Also if you think about it we don’t get many scenes of Cap before he joins the team, so this would have been a good set up beforehand.

5 – Hulk Finds A Balance (Avengers: Infinity War)

The story of Bruce and Hulk having trouble was a huge part of Infinity War. Hulk refused to come out while Bruce begged him for help. We never got a resolution to this in Infinity War, we had to waif for Endgame. But at the scene near the end of the film, you know, the one where everyone goes * Poof *, well we would have seen Natasha walk up to Hulk, assuming he was the mean green machine, but he speaks and explains that Hulk and Bruce worked things out, giving us Professor Hulk. This would have given us closure to the Hulk story in the film and would have prepared us for the glasses and sweater we saw in Endgame. The scene was shot but the SFX weren’t finished.

So what do you think? Should these scenes remain deleted or would you have preferred them being in the final film?

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