Five Courses of Thanksgiving Ice Cream From Salt and Straw


If you have ever wanted to enjoy a five-course Thanksgiving meal full of ice cream, Salt and Straw has you covered this month. The Disney Springs location revealed their seasonal Thanksgiving options in way that Gideon’s Bakehouse would be impressed. Salt & Straw created five ice cream flavors for Thanksgiving season. Each of these connect to a Thanksgiving food item in some way. Salt & Straw provides ice cream in the Disney Springs area. This place earned a solid reputation for creative ice cream flavors. The five flavors served for this Thanksgiving season will be Caramelized Turkey and Cranberry Sauce, Mom’s Mango Pie, Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing, Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie, and Parker House Rolls w/ Salted Buttercream.’

If those flavors sound odd, then you understand some of the uniqueness of Salt & Straw. This aspect shows how this dessert shop fits so well in Disney Springs. For the record, not all the creative combinations at Salt & Straw work for most people. However, I sampled all these options. They all provide the flavor indicated by the names but also a good, sweet flavor. The most unexpected option for most people would be the mango pie option. However, this ice cream flavor celebrates the diversity of Thanksgiving.

As the Salt & Straw website says, “This ice cream represents the diversity of Thanksgiving traditions with the help of musician Hrishikesh Hirway, and his mom.” Salt & Straw continues by saying that, “Realizing her secret recipe translated perfectly to ice cream, we didn’t change much.” This ice cream consists of caramelized ice cream mixed with mango curd. To create the pie effect, they add crumbles of graham cracker crust. Though that was my least favorite, the ice cream offered a solid flavor.

I ordered a scoop of Caramelized Turkey and Cranberry Sauce and a scoop of Parker House Rolls with Salted Buttercream. The turkey one consists of crispy turkey bacon in a buttery brittle with thyme and cubeb pepper, joined with house made cranberry sauce. This combination showed off the strengths of this ice cream chain. Even the turkey bacon tasted just sweet enough to fit this sugary masterpiece.

The Parker House Rolls ice cream did not impress me when I sampled it. However, this surprised me with the quality overall when I ordered a scoop. The menu description reads “Buttery, toasted rolls glazed with salted buttercream churned into sweet cream ice cream.” That description matches this perfectly. My hope for a combination of cranberry and buttery rolls flavors worked with my two scoops.

The Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing consists of “Molasses-y” cornbread cookies soaked in sweet cream. Then, sage and honey-vinegar peach jam complete that one. Though I did not love this one, the flavors will remind you of Thanksgiving dinner but in ice cream form.

Salt & Straw does not forget about vegans. The Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie ice cream meets that requirement. As their website says, “We achieve the silkiest, custardiest of pumpkin pie ice creams by way of ultra-creamy coconut, then crumble in a sugared crust, complete with a delectable crunch from our molasses-spiked gingersnap.” The combination of pumpkin pie flavor and coconut cream with the gingersnap addition presents a decent option for everyone not just vegans,

With a single scoop costing over $6 and two scoops being almost $10, the price point might scare a few people. However, this gourmet style ice cream demands a higher price. If looking to experience Thanksgiving in ice cream form, this will delight you. As always, eat like you mean it!

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