Five Candidates For “Disney Princess”


This is an OP ED piece submitted by: Michael Shorkey

Today we are gonna look at Five Female Characters from Disney that could
at some point be promoted from Disney Heroine to Disney Princess. Yes, I’m a guy
writing an article about Disney Princesses, Don’t Judge me.

So first off, what is a Disney Princess?

Simple, a Brand.

The Disney Princess Brand was made up in the Early-2000s by the at the time Disney Consumer Products (DCP) Chairman Andy Mooney, who wanted to take many popular
female characters that Disney owned and market them to girls to sell
merchandise. And it worked, The Disney Princess line is one of Disney’s most
successful Merchandise Brands making Billions for the Company.

But the Disney Princesses do more than just sell merchandise. They Inspire many girls of all ages with hard work and determination. Walt Disney Himself said that his favorite Fairy
Tale was Cinderella, because she worked hard throughout her life till one day her
hard work paid off, much like how Walt’s life was.

The Disney Princesses are wonderful characters that have kept inspiring many for multiple reasons, showing bravery, kindness and determination, and will continue to do so, that is why they are important.

Over the Years they have added more characters to the lineup and are
continuing to do so.

Currently Moana, Anna and Elsa are technically NOT in the
lineup because they are considered their own Brand of merchandise. But, we can be
sure that when their brands are retired we will see them added to the lineup,
thanks to Wreck It Ralph 2 featuring them with the other Princesses.

A similar situation is with Elena of Avalor and her Brand, but I beloved that she’ll join at
some point as well. These Princesses have Fast Passes to become Princesses while
the Rest have to wait in line.

But who else can be added to the lineup?

A Number of female characters were overlooked when creating the lineup and some Disney fans have asked over the years for them to be added to the lineup, so today we are gonna be looking at 5 popular choices (And a few honorable mentions).

Before we begin I know some people are gonna say “But they don’t follow the Disney Princess Criteria” which is something that was completely made up by
fans as it is an unofficial checklist. On multiple occasions the “List” was altered or
updated due to a new Princess being added. “A Disney Princess has to Sing” was
broken by Merida, “A Disney Princess has to have been made by Disney
Themselves” Again broken by Merida, and “A Disney Princess has to be a legit
Princess” was broken by both Pocahontas and Mulan. The “Rules” Don’t matter if
they can make a buck.

Anyway lets get on with the list.

Number 5: Jane Porter

Voiced by Minnie Driver, Jane appeared in the 1999 Disney Film Tarzan. She
is a well educated Young Woman from 19 th Century England and on an expedition
to Africa met her future husband, Tarzan, The King of the Jungle. Though in the
Film she is portrayed in a Fish out of Water kind of way in the 2001 TV Series “The
Legend of Tarzan” is where she really shines as a smart, independent fighter who
can hold her own against Wild Animals, Hunters, Dinosaurs (Yes Dinosaurs) and
an Evil Sorceress “Queen La”. She is the “Queen of the Jungle” so that makes her
royal enough for me and is one of Disney’s Smartest Female characters.

Number 4: Esmeralda

Voiced by Demi Moore, Esmeralda appeared in the 1996 Disney Film The
Hunchback of Notre Dame. She is a young Gypsy Woman with outstanding
athletic abilities and is able to get herself out of tough situations. In the Disney
Film she is portrayed as Romani (Even though in the original book she was
actually French) so this could add some diversity to the lineup. She is not afraid to
stand up for those less fortunate, knowing that she was essentially signing her
death warrant. She befriends Quasimodo by showing him that the world is full of
good people, leading him to stand up against his Evil Master Frolo. She is one of
Disney’s most Athletic Female Characters and is able to inspire those around her.
Sounds like Disney Princess Material to me.

Number 3: Megara

Voiced by Susan Egan, Megara, or “Meg”, appeared in the 1997 Disney Film
Hercules. In the film she was originally a Servant/Spy for the God of the

Underworld Hades as she originally traded away her Soul to Him in order to save
the life of her now Ex-Boyfriend and she has since given up on love. She was later
used by Hades in order to seduce Hercules into a Trap. But after getting to
Hercules she had a change of Heart and deciding to give love another Chance. She
stands up to Hades but is used as bait to fool Hercules into giving up his power.
She saves Hercules’ life by sacrificing herself. Hercules later retrieves her Soul
from the Underworld and brings her back to life. Hercules is offered to join the
Gods in Olympus but says he’d rather stay on Earth for the time being so that he
can be with Meg. Meg and Hercules Marry, which means that someday she would
become the Queen of the Olympian Gods. Megara showed that you should do the
right ting no matter what, plus you throw in a fun personality and the fact that
she married into royalty she seems perfect to wear a Disney crown.

Number 2: Kida

Voiced by Cree Summer, Kida appeared in the 2001 Disney Film Atlantis:
The Lost Empire. She was a Warrior Princess of the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis. She is
highly skilled in combat and cares for her people. When she befriended the
Surface-Dweller Milo he helps her unlock the secrets to her civilization’s past. She
later becomes Queen of Atlantis after her Father dies and rules the Kingdom with
her Now Husband Milo. Her skills are a little underutilized in the film, but in the
Quote of Quote “Suqlel” Atlantis: Milo’s Return she can be seen fighting off a
Godzilla Sized Sea Monster, Native American Spirits and World Destroying Titans
from Norse Mythology. In actuality Milo’s Return was the result of a canceled TV
Series called Team Atlantis which had many more adventures, including a
crossover episode with the 1990’s hit Disney cartoon Gargoyles. Kida is a Strong
Warrior with Great Skills in leadership and Bravery. Plus she is Technically
Disney’s First Black Princess, beating Tiana by 8 Years.

Honorable Mentions:

Princess Eilonwy:

She is a Princess but the thing is that Disney doesn’t own the
character. The 1985 Film The Black Cauldron is based on a series of books called
The Chronicles of Prydain, so when Disney looses the license to the book they
loose the character. It is like saying that Sunan and Lucy from The Chronicles of
Narnia should be Disney Princesses, but they are Licensed from a Book Series.

Maid Marian:

Though a Popular character amongst Disney Enthusiasts she pretty
much can’t be a Princess because… well… She’s an Anthropomorphic character.
Don’t blame me, blame Marketing. I know Zootopia is Popular, but it is popular
for different reasons than why Robin Hood is really like, and I’d rather not say why
cuz… well… you know how the internet works.

Nala & Kiara:

The reason why they are here is obvious, they are 100% Animals. I
do like them but I can’t see them wearing a dress. Plus not to mention that Nala’s
Father is a mystery and people have pointed out that Mufasa and Scar were the
only Male Lions in the Pride so… well… you draw your own conclusion.

Princess Giselle:

Though she was in the successful 2007 Film Enchanted the
major reason is because her design is too similar to the Actress who played her
Amy Adams, and I don’t think Disney wants to pay a fee for her likeness.

Princess Mononoke:

Though Studio Ghibli and Disney had a very good
relationship for decades, when John Lassiter left the company Disney decided Not
to Renew its contract with Studio Ghibli, which is why GKIDS distributes their films
now. I know this may seem controversial but I think that not only should Disney
Re-Establish their partnership with Ghibli, but acquire them and save them from
bankruptcy, as Ghibli has not been in the best state as of late with Isao Takahata’s
Passing in 2018 and Hayao Miyazaki’s on and off Retirements. They need help
staying afloat. Plus, Princess Mononoke is a violent film for kids.

Princess Leia:

Though one of the best Female Characters in Science Fiction and
was adopted into royalty, she not only is molded after the likeness of the Late
Actress Carrie Fisher but is forever tied to the Star Wars Brand which, in Disney’s
case, Different Brands don’t usually crossover, at least very rarely. Personally I’d
like her but there are too many legal things that get in the way.

Number 1: Anastasia

Voiced by Meg Ryan, Anastasia appeared in the 1997 Fox Animation Film
Anastasia. Though not Originally from Disney, Anastasia became a Major Box
Office Success in the late 1990s and challenging Disney in their own ballpark.
Through the 2019 Disney-Fox Merger Anastasia is now a Disney Property.
Anastasia has shown that she is able of taking care of herself, is able to fight off an

Evil Sorcerer and is determined to find out where she came from, to me that
sounds like a Strong Independent Princess. Anastasia perhaps has the largest
amount of voices demanding that she become a Princess. Perhaps one day she

The Disney Princess Brand is so large and successful that it will continue to grow.

Elsa, Anna, Elena and Moana are definitely gonna join at some point while
the Five that I mentioned are perhaps able to join after them. We also know that
Disney is gonna keep making more films and add more New Princesses. A Couple
Princesses I’d like to see is an Italian Princess, an Ancient Egyptian Princess, a
Japanese Princess, a Disney Adaptation of Thumbelina and a Disney Adaptation of
The Princess and The Pea. Also if Sony Films ends up closing and selling their IPs
Disney might not only buy back Spider-Man but perhaps the rights to The Swan
Princess as well and add Princess Odette to the lineup. Or like I said before buy
Ghibli and add “San” AKA Princess Mononoke. Who knows? Business is business.
I do hope you liked this article and maybe gave you some new thoughts and
insight to the world of “Disney Princesses”. I will keep enjoying them and will
always enjoy when they add new members.

Michael Shorky

This is an OP ED piece and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Pirates and Princesses.

Image source: Pinterest and Disney Fandom Wiki

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