First Look At Marvel’s ‘Werewolf By Night’ Halloween Special


For seemingly the first time the Marvel Cinematic Universe has decided to go from super hero action to horror. Sure we’ve had a few psychological thrillers and suspense stories, but here we go full gothic horror (with some comedy thrown in of course).

The first trailer for Werewolf By Night was released at this past D23 Expo, showing off some ‘spooky’ visuals that are sure to get you in the Halloween mood.

The series’ official synopsis reads:

On a dark and somber night, a secret cabal of monster hunters emerge from the shadows and gather at the foreboding Bloodstone Temple following the death of their leader. In a strange and macabre memorial to the leader’s life, the attendees are thrust into a mysterious and deadly competition for a powerful relic, a hunt that will ultimately bring them face to face with a dangerous monster.

The trailer shows that the special will be in black & white as a homage to the old Universal Monsters (Ironic because Universal tried competing with Marvel via the Dark Universe).

We of course have some over the top narrations while cutting back and forth to some cheesy acting, but as the trailer goes on we see more violence and scary visuals, including an appearance from Man-Thing.

The series is set to release Gael García Bernal as Jack Russel aka the Werewolf. Originally it was believed he would play the Jake Gomez version that was introduced in 2020.

Many may point out that this isn’t the first Marvel movie to star a horror-type character. There was the Wesley Snipes Blade Trilogy from 1998 – 2004, there was the duology of Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider films in 2007 and 2011 and of course the recent Jared Leto Morbius as part of SONY’s Spider-Verse.

Are you looking forward to this Halloween special on Disney Plus? Or will you just watch something like 2003’s Haunted Mansion instead?

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