Fire On Yoshi’s Adventure Forces Super Nintendo World To Shut Down

The Super Nintendo World section in Universal Studios Japan was forced to shut down the other day due to a fire that broke out on the Yoshi’s Adventure ride. The attraction has had some difficulties ever since its opening in March of this year. Most notable this past summer the tower of Goombas fell onto the track causing a major blockage and safety hazard.

Universal Studios Japan announced via Twitter that the Nintendo section of the park will re-open to guests on November 25th. But the Yoshi’s Adventure ride will remain closed for the foreseeable future as they investigate the cause of the fire.

With this recent incident some are worried about possible future difficulties with this ride. It hasn’t been a year and has already had at least two major incidents. Some wonder if when Super Nintendo World comes to Universal Studios Orlando if the ride will even be included due to the continued shutdowns. Hopefully the issues can be resolved beforehand as the ride is one of the most family friendly attractions the park has produced. A lot of children and their parents would definitely enjoy riding on the back of a Yoshi.

The Super Nintendo World section of Universal Studios is considered to be one of the best theme park experiences in recent years. Making you feel as if you have gone down a warp pipe directly into the Mushroom Kingdom. You get to meet Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and many more of your favorite Nintendo characters. In the future more attractions are planned for franchises such as Donkey Kong, Pokémon and possibly even The Legend of Zelda. Not since The Wizarding World of Harry Potter had such immersion been seen in theme parks, despite Disney’s attempts with Galaxy’s Edge.

Again the ride will remain closed for the foreseeable future as the safety hazard is resolved. 

Source: Nintendolife 

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