Finn Removed AGAIN From New Star Wars Force Awakens Poster


Happy May the Fourth, everyone! May the Fourth be with you, right? And while we truly do wish every one of you a happy day today, it hasn’t been a terribly great day for whoever is managing Star Wars’ social media and graphics. The reason is that they’ve – once again – removed Finn from a Force Awakens poster.

Here’s the image on Twitter from Star Wars (courtesty of Bounding Into Comics):

And here’s the original image made for the poster on Disney+:

Bounding Into Comics Story

So why does it matter that they removed Finn? Well, first let me say that I do not think they did this for racist or malicious reasons. I think they just needed to squeeze the image down for some reason, and in doing so they couldn’t make Finn fit well. However, that’s not an excuse, because anyone with any knowledge of Lucasfilm’s mistakes would know that one of their worst actions was trying to hide their one character of African descent in the original Force Awakens poster.

While Finn was prominently featured in the poster for western nations, and the fact that he was a “black storm trooper” was made into a major issue by Disney… in China, they actually tried to make him go away a little.

So if you’re running Star Wars’ social media accounts, or if you’re working on these posters, you’ve got to know about the issue. If you think removing Finn again is going to go over well, you’re just so ignorant of your job requirements that it might be best for you to move on. But not only did they make this mistake again, but they made it in a doubly bad way. How’s that?

It turns out that only around 22% of Americans are on Twitter. And of the 22% who are on Twitter, the large majority are people of a leftward leaning viewpoint politically, who are often very focused on racial issues. So, the place they put the Finn-less image is on Twitter, the one place that would blow up the most if they did so! On Disney+, they actually got it right and included him. Oh my gosh! It’s like a contest of incompetency here.

You can imagine the Twitter brigades did not take kindly to this new faux pas. Roll the Twitter tape:


Again, we don’t think that Disney, Lucasfilm, or whoever runs the Star Wars social media account was being purposefully malicious here. We actually do think that about the original sin of shrinking him for Chinese posters. I mean, that one was clearly sort of evil to be honest. “We want Chinese money, so shrink the darker skinned person in China,” just rings as ethically bankrupt.

We also want to give a shout out to YellowFlash 2, whose original video clued us into the situation. If you’ve not been watching YellowFlash 2, his videos have been really excellent over the past few months. And of course, Pirates and Princesses is owned by the couple who run Clownfish TV, and we always appreciate your viewership there.

Hope you all have a wonderful May the Fourth, and rather than being rude to someone online or being hateful towards whoever made this unfortunate mistake with Finn, let’s all try to be extra kind to someone in need today. Let’s go do some good.

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