Filming For “The Little Mermaid” Live Action Remake Has Wrapped


Principle photography for the upcoming Disney live action remake of The Little Mermaid had wrapped. Lead actress Halle Bailey has shared on both her Instagram and Twitter that they have finished filming and now the film will be entering the editing and CGI effects stages before finishing.

The film has yet to have an official release date but it is speculated that it will release sometime on mid-late 2022 or early 2023.

The production of the film had garnered some criticism of course due to the race change of the iconic female lead from white to black due to the original film featuring a natural redhead inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, as well as the story taking place in Denmark.

A lot of people seem to be growing tired of Disney’s factory of live action remakes/sequels/prequels/tie-ins etc.

Concern has also been made for the film’s performance. Earlier this year the 2021 film In The Heights did poorly at the box office, which had singer/songwriter Lin-Maniel Miranda write many of the songs. It is reported that some believe due to In The Heights‘ poor box office that concern that The Little Mermaid‘s Performance might be effected as Lin-Maniel Miranda re-wrote/remixed a number of classic songs from the film.

It is unknown if Disney will have this film be apart of the simultaneous theatrical/Disney Plus day one release or if it will be released exclusively on the platform to help boost subscriber numbers, either for free or the premium access. The recent Cruella prequel film reportedly did poorly at both the box office and on Disney Plus, so it is too close to call if this film will get a similar reception. Honestly I’m waiting until the film releases before I pass my judgement.

Are you looking forward to this film?

Source: Mickey Blog

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