Film Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home – Extended Cut. Is It Worth It?


Spider-Man: No Way Home was 2021’s biggest film. Celebrating 20 years of Spider-Man films and preemptively celebrating 60 years of the character. It is currently SONY’s most successful theatrical release in company history and is considered by some to be the best live action Spider-Man film ever made.

Last week SONY re-released the film in theaters with an additional 11 minutes of footage bringing the film’s total runtime to about 2 hours and 39 minutes. However, did this extended cut of the film warrant a theatrical re-release or should the added footage have been simple bonus features on the DVD?

What’s Been Added?

So first off you’ll notice once the movie starts that there is a zoom/skype call between Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire all thanking fans for making the film a success and to enjoy the new extended version. Short and sweet.

Next added was a number of small bits (around 10 – 30 seconds at a time) when Peter is being interviewed by the police and him and his friends going back to high school. There is also a small scene where he tries to stop a purse snatcher but people heckle him and make the situation worse.

There was also an added scene that shows a montage of Peter’s friends trying to set up shop while the song “Monster Mash” plays in the background.

Another segment involves Peter taking the villains to Happy Hogan’s apartment all riding in an elevator; Meanwhile Matt Murdock serving as Happy’s lawyer as he has charges brought up against him for missing Stark equipment. 

We also get some extended lines and banter between the three Peters both at the lab and at the Statue of Liberty before the big battle.

Lastly was an added post-credit sequence showing that Peter has been removed from all class photos at the high school, showing that all evidence of his existence was erased.

Was it worth watching again?

Off the bat almost all the added footage really added nothing new or significant to the overall story. I felt like I was watching the version the film just before they “trimmed the fat” in editing to fix the film’s pacing. No real significant plot lines or details were added.

Usually when you hear of an “Extended Cut” you have a version of the film that adds and/or replaces scenes or even uses alternative takes to give audiences a different feeling. Similar to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings extended cuts or the multiple cuts of Blade Runner or the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II.

Of course No Way Home is a great film to watch and enjoy, especially if you’ve seen the previous seven Spider-Man films. But was it worth paying money to see it again? Probably not. You really aren’t missing out on much. 

At least re-releasing this made more sense than Morbius.

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