Figment Popcorn Bucket Sketch Hits $10K Before Ending- Others Flood eBay With Art and More


Yesterday was the start of the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World and with it came the debut of the Figment popcorn bucket at Pop Eats. The lines for this plastic dragon reached up to seven hours and the prices on eBay were going over $200. Then one crafty person thought up something new and original–posting a “bad sketch” of the popcorn bucket to raise money for charity. Other savy sellers are just selling pieces of the popcorn from the bucket, photos of the “bad sketch” and even a jar of air.

Sadly, the auction for the “bad sketch” was ended early as there started to be some suspicious bidding. The last time I had checked it was over $600, last evening. 10K is a big jump.

Here’s what the seller said:

ETA: Friday Jan 14, 11  PM — I’m skeptical of the series of automated bids that pushed this over the $10K mark, so I’m ending the auction so I can start the clock going on having them pay ebay to give the money to Habitat for Humanity. If the high bidder is legit, I’m so thankful for your generous donation. If not, then we’ll go through the proper channels to get everything settled and get money to Habitat.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens so I hope the big was legit and not just someone ruining the fun and he charity push.

Here is where it was yesterday, when I caught it soon after launch:

Here’s where it ended up when it was ended:

Since this all started there have been several other art pieces posted, everyone hoping to get in on the excitement, attention and money. My husband calls them a different kind of NFT (Not FigmenT) popcorn bucket. But it’s still a fun idea.

The art listings are starting to pile up! There are a bunch of listings now, rivaling the number of actual popcorn bucket listings.

Someone is even selling a screenshot of the bad sketch.

Now another new idea has hit. Selling “used” popcorn for the popcorn buckets.

The winner today is the Jar of Popcorn Air Near a Figment Popcorn Bucket.

(It’s probably less harmful than selling your own farts.)

People are taking this all to new heights. From actual bucket selling for ridiculous prices to people posting air to cash in on the hilarity.

With the Figment bucket being this popular I think Disney is going to make more, with variations, to cash in. Then they will probably sell real NFTs of Figment of the popcorn bucket or pins.

Then others will sell things like T-shirts saying “I waited in line 7 hours at Disney and all I got was this popcorn bucket.”

It’s a whole new market.

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