Fight Breaks Out at Magic Kingdom


It seems a fist fight broke out at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World last night in the Fantasyland area.

Social media has been circulating the video. Here is is from the source:


Now WDWNT has been contacted by some of the people involved and this is what they said happened:

According to the person who contacted WDWNT, a guest was in line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic with their family when they realized they left their phone somewhere. They left the line to go  and get it.

When they came back to the line and headed in, the family in matching outfits wouldn’t let them pass to go back to their family and the person claimed they pushed her back.

When the show was over the family in matching outfits waited at the exit to “confront them.” The guest who left line’s family member apparently said “Listen man, we don’t want any trouble, we don’t appreciate you pushing my younger sister” and then it escalated.

Cast members did arrive as did law enforcement. Three were apparently arrested for misdemeanor battery and one guest ended up in the hospital with face lacerations.

So it was over PhilharMagic. PhilharMagic?!  I mean I get Peter Pan’s Flight. I’ll maybe give you It’s a Small World, but PhilharMagic…..

I do understand getting frustrated when someone tries to push past you to “join their party.” I have seen people do this and legitimately rejoin their party. I’ve seen large groups push past to “rejoin their party” where they most likely came from another attraction and didn’t want to wait in line. I’ve even seen people say they wanted to “rejoin their party” and then there was no “party” they just wanted ahead in line.

That said, there’s no excuse to do this though.

It’s also funny to me because my seasoned Disney son recently said it’s the people in matching outfits you need to watch out for.

Twitter has comments:




Now that this happened Disney could ban them over PhilharMagic! I mean if you’re going to get trespassed make it over something good and not PhilharMagic.

It’s not worth it people! Do better!

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