Fiesta De Chupacabra Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando House (Photo Report)

(Photo credit: Universal Orlando)

This year in Orlando, guest get “invited” to a festival in a Latin American village. Universal Orlando told us to “Listen to Your Abuela and Beware the Chupacabras.” Now, listening to your grandmother serves as good advice. Especially if the legend of the Chupacabras reigns true. In the “Fiesta De Chupacabra” house visit the village where the legend of the Chupacabras earns a magnificent celebration. Of course, afterwards, the streets are lined with the crimson blood of tourists like you. If you want more of the backstory about the usage and speculation of Chupacabra in the announcement article. .

During a behind the scenes tour, I got to walk through this house (with others) during the day with the lights on. The house features an excellent set. The opening area allows us to enjoy the beauty of the village and encounter Rosalia, the mask maker. We also encounter a “fireworks” display or this festival. As you walk through this house, you will notice all signs and audio cues will be in Spanish. Of course, as my RIP tour guide said on a previous evening, screaming in Spanish is still screaming.


I feel the need to mention a few key things at this point.

One, the set design looks beautiful. Yet, everything sets the tone for keeping guests from escaping with the maze like design and even glass on top of walls.

Two, the final main room was intended to be as disgusting as possible. Some guests have found the area too much. Though I did not experience that when I went through this house at night (three times as of time of writing), a pungent smell adds to this area’s gross factor.

Third, though reported in many places, the puppets used as Chupacabras were new this year. They are not recycled from a previous house. Dante (yes, they gave them names), for example, weighs 70 pounds. Some of the other Chupacabra puppets are named Princess Coco, Skittles, and Dusty Bottoms.

If looking at Nero, you think something is wrong with his eye, you would be correct. Each one was designed like they have a genetic defect in their eyes. Inadvertently, this caused people to think only one Chupacabra lives in this village according to our tour guide.

Promotional photo from Universal Orlando

Within this house, the villagers wear masks. They will come after you in typical scare actor fashion. In addition, the house designers make sure we now the Chupacabras are always watching. Whether by shadows or actual puppets, we will know they are nearby.

Promotional photo from Universal Orlando

If you experience this house, prepare for stuff in your face. This style of element returned to Halloween Horror Night this year. The chain effect works very well distracting guests and setting scene.

Before the last room, we get to see Rosalia, the mask maker at work continuing the family tradition.

For examples of effort to make later portions of this house gross, please look at photos below. So, I elected not to include the worst photos for the record.

This house offers some excellent scares and theming. Like many other houses this year, the incredible plot fails to be conveyed to most guests. Despite that, this house deserves your time for the 2022 event. Enjoy the spooky!

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