Favreau Faces Backlash Against Gina Carano and Luke Skywalker

Giancarlo Esposito and Jon Favreau on the set of THE MANDALORIAN

Let me just say, I’m going to cover a hodgepodge of stuff going on in and around Lucasfilm. I don’t want to do multiple articles today, and all of it needs to be covered.

Lucasfilm has revealed their new moniker for video games featuring their intellectual properties, and they’ve changed it from LucasArts. More importantly, they’re actually going to slap their interactive entertainment specific logo on these things, and they took the time to launch said specific logo. So given that I discussed this back in November before it was public knowledge, let’s dive in and explain what’s going on.

Original Article on Lucasfilm Getting Back in the Video Game Business

Now what you need to know after refreshing yourself on the original article, is that everything is essentially still the same as was stated in November… except somebody has made the call to get rid of the “LucasArts” logo and name, switching that to Lucasfilm Games. My guess is they did that so they could streamline the name and the logo between film and interactive entertainment. I don’t know that I would have done it considering “LucasArts” has a fantastic reputation. In fact, just slapping “LucasArts” on a new game might make that new game sell as people remember what an awesome developer they once were.

Ultimately, what this means is that Lucasfilm has enough planned in the gaming sphere that they feel the need to create a new publishing logo. As I said before, they seem to be working towards getting some projects going with Tim Schafer and trying to bring back some of their long-dormant properties like Day of the Tentacle. They also want to greatly ramp up production on Star Wars video games, even though that’s not their only focus. In this pandemic world and post-pandemic world, the idea of getting out of video game development (Iger’s decision) now looks incredibly stupid. As big as online streaming is, video games are not far behind… and the mobile market has not wiped out PC and console gaming as many prognosticators were prognosticating for the past decade.

Okay, so let’s transition now from Lucasfilm Games to the Gina Carano situation. Oh, you didn’t know there’s a Gina Carano situation? Check out these tweets:

But those don’t have many likes, and they’re not getting much attention, right?

It would appear that the authoritarian side of the culture war is out for blood with Gina Carano, and they’re not going to stop until there is a knockout. I’m told that the feeling inside Lucasfilm is generally disdain for Carano as well. The problem for all of those who hate Carano based on her worldview and political positions is that Jon Favreau isn’t publicly political… and word on the street is he doesn’t care one iota for the divisiveness. If Carano was employed in any other part of Lucasfilm, she’d be gone, and she would have been let go long ago. The question now is whether or not Favreau can protect her — she’s an integral part of his series, and firing her would essentially indicate that conservatives can be purged from Hollywood in a step beyond what we’ve already seen (blacklisting).

Which then this also puts another actor in a peculiar position. You see, Mark Hamill is as left as they get. He’s like Gregg Popovich left when it comes to insulting conservatives, Republicans, and anyone who doesn’t see the world like him. Yet, he loves Luke Skywalker, he loves the reaction to Luke Skywalker… and simultaneously, many in Lucasfilm associate Luke Skywalker with conservativism, the patriarchy, male dominated narrative, etc. It’s a really weird dynamic. And believe me when I say, there is intense pressure to dump the Luke Skywalker / Baby Yoda storyline planned for multiple series.

I would like to go into how this division works at Lucasfilm in the future. I’ve noticed that many YouTube channels and other Star Wars sites have pondered about how the division is possible if Kathleen Kennedy is ultimately in charge. But until I can get around to such an article, just know that there’s one group that only wants to see Mark Hamill associated with Star Wars in any fashion if he’s buying beard butter to prep for another green milk guzzling session of Jake Skywalker depression scenes. Speaking of which, did you even know that beard butter was a thing? I literally just found this out. Is that part of a bearded Jedi’s hygiene routine, and we’ve never even covered it in the lore?

Example of Beard Butter #1
Example of Beard Butter #2

So what are the chances that segments of fans and segments of Lucasfilm are successful in associating a heroic Luke Skywalker with insurrection, toxicity, and chauvinism? Well, I don’t know. If money and views are the barometer, then Disney has next to zero incentive to allow that to happen. What happens if Mark Hamill decides that heroic Luke has become a beacon for the “fandom menace”? I don’t know. And I don’t think that either of those narratives would be true, or helpful, or beneficial for anybody. But I can tell you right now there is immense pressure to ditch Luke Skywalker from the Favreau-Filoni plan.

I guess it’s up to Favreau then, whether or not we see more Luke Skywalker, more Cara Dune, and more of the traditional Star Wars concepts. So then at least there’s hope, because if Kathleen Kennedy was in charge, you can bet we wouldn’t be discussing possibilities they’re saved.


Update 12:14 PM EST
In light of trending claims that there is no division at Lucasfilm between the Favreau-Filoni and Kennedy camps, I’ll be posting an article later this week trying to explain how all of this came to be and what the dynamics are.

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