Fans of Encanto Get Creative with Songs and Parodies


Encanto has become one of those Disney animated films that many people just can’t help but be inspired by. Whether it’s because of the messages from the movie, the characters, even the songs themselves. Or in other cases, the lack of songs for certain characters.

One fan of the movie, who goes by the name of OR3O online, reposted a TikTok video she made on January 30th, through her YouTube channel, explaining her disappointment that her favorite character did not have her own song. So she decided to write her own song. OR3O requested the help of her viewers to try to get Disneys’ attention to hopefully get a music video fully animated and some of the voice actors to reprise their roles in the song.

Here is the video:

The song took a little over a month to make, with the vocals taking a bit longer. There are total of nine vocals singing in the song, with several other creators helping with the artwork and animation. On March 4th, OR3E uploaded a 19 second preview announcing the final release date set for the very next day.

Here is the final video

OR3E wanted to make the song in the similar style as the music from the movie. And if you’re impressed with the vocals from the leading lady of the song, that is because the original voice actress, Adassa, of Dolores reprised her role from the movie. You get to hear the signature super fast singing in one part of the song is like you heard in the movie when Dolores sang her part in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, and an impressive high pitch moment.

One interesting detail is during the parts where Dolores is singing, you can hear in the backdrop the other characters singing as well, almost as if Dolores is trying to make her voice louder than them. And if you listen carefully enough, you can hear Bruno’s line during the chorus before his part comes up.

Reactions to the music video has been very positive with many happily surprised to realize Adassa played a role in the making of this fan music video. It sounds like an official song that could fit in the movie or even a tv series. Others feeling as though they can relate to what Dolores is singing about, as someone who has Autism and having to deal with things like sensory overload.

To listen to this song, you can find this it on DistroKid and Soundcloud. OR3O is best known for her original animated album released in 2021, called “Clover”, which was funded on Kickstarter in 2019. If you are interested in hearing more of her music, click here.

A more humorous spin on an Encanto song is a very clever and creative music video parody on the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Except in this case it’s “We Don’t Talk About Pluto”. All parts are played by YouTuber Jon Pumper. The Planetary Society even left a pinned comment highly complimenting the “hilarious and informative visuals“.

It’s always fun and cool to see how inspired and creative fans get over the things that are enjoyed.

What do you think about these two videos?

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