Falling Goombas Cause Yoshi’s Adventure to Close Indefinetly


Sounds too bizarre to be true, but yes, a stack of Goombas on the Yoshi’s Adventure ride at Universal Studios Japan fell, causing the ride to be closed indefinitely. I guess Bowser had enough Yoshi singing for a while.

Guests were sharing videos and pictures via social media talking about the incident:

The incident occurred on the Mount Beanpole section of the ride. When the stack of Goombas collapsed the ride was immediately paused and workers quickly began the process of clearing the tracks. It is currently unknown what damage might have been caused to the track as Park Officials have yet to release a statement.

The ride opened on March 18th, 2021, as part of the new Super Nintendo World expansion to the park through Nintendo’s partnership with Universal. The ride itself is an omnimover attraction, similar to The Haunted Mansion, where guests board a Yoshi (colors vary) and venture across the landscape of Super Nintendo World, seeing various characters and creatures from the Super Mario series. The ride is clearly meant for younger guests as it doesn’t move very fast and simply brings you on a tour of the land.

The ride will potentially be apart of the International versions of Super Nintendo World when they eventually arrive in places such as Universal Studios Orlando, along with Mario Kart and potentially a Donkey Kong ride.

**editor’s note** Let’s hope they get this worked out before it comes to the United States.

Source: WDW News Today 

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