Fake Listings For Walt Disney World Eateries Showing Up As Choices on Grubhub

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We’ve heard about people being tricked or scammed over tickets and hotel bookings, but the “trick” being pulled on people has been to make up fake restaurant listings for people to order food from.

According to Food and Wine there are “dozens” of fake restaurant listings popping up on Grubhub offering delivery from restaurants that you need tickets and Park Pass Reservations to enter for pick-up:

Dozens of fake Walt Disney World restaurant listings have popped up on Grubhub, offering magical meals that will never arrive. From celebrity chef-helmed restaurants to Epcot ice cream shops, all kinds of indulgences sold at Disney World hotels, Disney Springs dining district, and even within Disney theme parks—which currently require two forms of admission to enter—are falsely listed on the food delivery app.

They cite @ClarabellCows on Twitter that tried to order food from the Regal Eagle Smokehouse in EPCOT via a listing on Grubhub. She was able to place the order for the fake listing and a driver was sent out to pick it up, but it was cancelled and the location did get removed from the app within a day.

It appears that restaurants keep getting added to the platform without the restaurant’s permission and this causes issues for customers and delivery drivers. It’s leading to class action lawsuits from restaurants.

Grubhub places restaurants on our platform to offer diners variety and to increase the volume of orders for the restaurants. Unfortunately, the restaurants within the theme park were inadvertently added to the platform, and we are sorry for that. As soon as we were notified, we began the process of removing them from the platform.

I guess if you see a restaurant offering pop up, and you are unsure if it’s legit, you should call the restaurant first to be sure they do in fact participate in the service. Especially when it involves restaurants that are part of a theme park or other experience that requires admission to get in.

On the flip side, if Disney wanted to increase the demand for their eateries they might want to consider a way to offer this service to places like Grubhub or even off their own version of the service that could allow for deliver to resort hotel rooms too. It would create more revenue and more jobs, while keeping people socially distanced and keeping capacity caps and guidelines in place.

Just a thought.

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Source: Food and Wine

Featured Image Credit: Nestle Professional

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