Facing Backlash, Disney Doubles Down and Defends Mulan


Is it just money-crazed tone deafness or actual evil? Read the article and you be the judge.

On Thursday, September 10th, Christine McCarthy (Chief Financial Officer of the Walt Disney Company) spoke about and was asked questions in regards to the Mulan controversy. While McCarthy would only refer to the situation as unspecified “issues”, one particular thing she said is extremely disturbing. When she was asked by an analyst how the controversy would change the movie’s revenue performance, McCarthy had this to say:

“I’m not a box office predictor or prognosticator. But I will say that it has generated a lot of publicity.”

There’s ancient proverb out there that says money is the root of all evil. It’s hard to not believe it in the face of this situation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the situation, Disney thanked many Chinese government authorities in the credits of their recent Disney+ movie release, Mulan. One of those government authorities included the government powers within Xinjiang province. That location is also where the Chinese Communist Party government is holding millions of ethnic minorities in concentration camps, doing the same sorts of things to people today that you read about from the Holocaust in Nazi Germany during World War II. We’d tell you here what some of those awful things are, but it’s simply too gruesome and cruel. We can tell you that they’re harvesting organs from the ethnic minority families… and if we can tell you that, you can imagine the things we’re not printing are extremely far in the disturbing and evil category.

So now, rather than stating, “you’re right, we shouldn’t have thanked the organizations committing genocide and torture against an ethnic minority,” Disney is instead touting that it is creating a lot of buzz. And you’ve got to give it to them for the gal on that one. It’s like being told you’re wrong for thanking Hitler as he purges innocent families from the Earth, and your response is “hey, but we’re getting tons of publicity off of thanking him while he acid washes kids.”

McCarthy further stated during the Bank of America conference that Disney was “very pleased” with the initial response to Mulan.

You’d think this is a satire article, but no, we’re giving you the straight facts.

“So in our credits, that was recognized, both China as well as locations in New Zealand. And I would just leave it at that. But that’s generated a lot of issues for us.”

That’s the best, most humane quote McCarthy gave at the conference in regards to Mulan. It’s the closest she came to saying “thanking organizations committing genocide is bad.” But with multi-billion dollar investments in China, we can all see the Disney CFO is not interested in calling out human devastation if it might hurt the company’s bottom line. Perhaps that’s why Attorney General William Barr of the US Department of Justice has taken to calling out The Walt Disney Company’s behavior as of late.

More Information on McCarthy at the Bank of America Conference

Will the company change directions if the backlash and outcry grow? Who knows. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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  1. I remember vividly how a U.S. media blackout worked so well with ticket sales. Well in short it didn’t go well at all. Silencing the media doesn’t help too much when word of mouth travels faster. Maybe things will be different in how China censors everything out of existence anyway.