Expedition Everest To Close For Refurbishment In January


The popular thrill ride at Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest, will be closing on January 4th for refurbishment and is estimated to be closed until mid-April. 

The reason for the refurbishment is to do with the ride system having some issues. Hopefully it isn’t anything too dangerous. 

Expedition Everest is one of Animal Kingdom’s most popular rides. Opening in April of 2006 in the Asia section of the park, the attraction takes guests on a wild ride through the famous Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain peak above sea level. Guests board a train they take to the base camp, but on their way then encounter the infamous abominable snowman, who tries to run the train off the tracks.

The ride was headed by legendary Imagineer Joe Rohde. Using forced perspective to create a mountains cape similar to the Matterhorn in Disneyland, the structure was meant to stand out against the other landmarks of the park. And most of all the attraction has one of the world’s most advanced animatronics. Standing at an impressive 25ft tall and is able to move and reach out at guests as they fly by. But sadly due to the movement, it made the structure became weakened and Imagineers were forced to shut down the effect.

The Yeti has since been in “B Mode” where it is simply standing in place. A strobe light was added to try and give it the illusion of movement, but the effect of something lunging out at you is seemingly lost. Not to mention the fur on the animatronic has been unkept and is slowly rotting away.

Joe Rohde said at the 2013 D23 expo that he would fix the Yeti someday, which is easier said that done. The refurbishment would require the entire top to be removed and for the pillars to be completely replaced. And not to mention that Joe Rohde departed Disney in early 2021. So the fix to the yet won’t be coming anytime soon.

Hopefully with this refurbishment we will be safer when exploring the mountains of Asia.

Source: WDWNT 

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