EXCLUSIVE: Turbo Man Joins The Marvel Cinematic Universe (April 1st Edition)


It’s Turbo Time! The high flying super powered hero of the 1994 Christmas classic Jingle All The Way is officially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Turbo Man is set to be one of the big movies to start off the upcoming sixth phase of long running MCU franchise.

Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019 many fans have wondered what heroes will be next to join the world of the MCU. While many fans were indeed excited to possibly see the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Deadpool eventually make their way over the name most people were talking about was Turbo Man. Now we will get to see him officially join the ranks of the Avengers.

A reliable source close at Marvel was able to have a conversation with Kevin Feige himself. When our source asked him if we would see any heroes that were originally outside of the Marvel Universe here is what Feige had to say:

For a long time we have been discussing what other heroes we could include besides the usual cast of characters. When we got access to Fox’s library one hero stood out to me, that was Turbo Man. With Phases 4 – 6 being the ‘Multiverse Saga’ we see this as a perfect opportunity to have other non-Marvel heroes appear via the multiverse.

Our plan is to give him his own movie at the start of Phase 6 with him eventually turning up in Secret Wars. If his film works out we’re thinking about other characters appearing like Rocketeer, The Gargoyles, American Dragon, Buzz Lightyear etc. You never know what will happen when the Multiverse is involved.

No casting has been set, but names like Jensen Ackles, Joel Kinnaman and even Henry Cavill have all been considered for the lead role. As for the role of his arch-enemy Dementor it appears that Kevin Heart is currently their number one pick. Dan Riordan, the original actor who played Turbo Man, is said to be making a cameo.

Are you looking forward to seeing Turbo Man fight side by side with the Avengers? What other non-Marvel heroes do you think will join the MCU?

Source: April Fools!

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