Everyone Is Talking About Disney Adults And I Don’t See The Problem


Lately the internet and the media have been attacking people for being “Disney adults” and I don’t understand what the issue is. To me “Disney adult” means any grown person who loves Disney / Disney parks and spends a lot of time and money there, with or without kids. Now, that being said, most of the articles are talking about those that love Disney and Disney parks but are without children.

Again. So what?

Just because someone loves Disney / the parks and doesn’t have children doesn’t mean Disney isn’t for them. Having children isn’t a prerequisite for liking Disney. Especially now that Disney owns so many different intellectual properties, including ones that are much more “adult.”

I’ve even seen people make a case for why the Alien queen is now a Disney princess.

Where is this coming from?

Videos have been popping up of people crying when they meet characters or when they are at the parks and people have been mocking this.

I take issue with this for a few reasons.

1. I too have done this before. It’s a lot of planning and excitement leading up to a vacation. When you get there, if you aren’t too jaded against the price, it’s understandable to get overwhelmed and cry. Maybe they’re crying because they saw their bill? Maybe they’re crying because they had saved up for years and it was a personal goal to go. Who knows. Let them be happy.

2. The pandemic has been really hard on people in general. Many have lost friends or loved ones? Months of financial insecurity or isolation has left many forever changed. If they get to hug Mickey Mouse now and it makes them so emotional they cry let them be.

3. A lot of people go to Disney to celebrate milestones. Someone is cancer free now. Another person just got engaged. Someone just found out they’re pregnant. Maybe another person lost a lot of weight and can now walk without stopping constantly or using a motorized chair. There are many reasons that someone might cry or get excited.

4. It’s their money. If they want to overpay to go to Disney World 10X a year that’s their right to do so. Many have annual passes, live nearby, stay off property, etc. that allows them the ability to go many times. Or maybe they just have a lot of money. If they want to buy every expensive item and $1,000 Mouse ears, that’s their business.

Where I think “Disney adult” starts to become annoying is when it impacts other people.

The ones that think they are “influencers” and shoo others away so they can have the perfect photos of themselves. Or, as I once saw, they find a popular photo area and won’t leave. I, and some others, waited for over 20 minutes near the Cinderella wishing well, while a younger woman was there all dressed up, posing and posing while her mom took photos for her Instagram (which she kept loudly mentioning.) I eventually got tired and left after that 20 minutes, but I did see others still waiting for a turn a short while later. Don’t do that!

Another group that goes too far are the “pixie dusters” who get mad anytime anyone mentions anything negative about their experience involving Disney. I’m on several Disney themed boards and if one person dares say they had an issue with their trip or they faced some rude people or Cast Members, they descend and mock them. They shame them, call them liars, etc. all in the name of Mickey. I wish I was kidding.

Recently it was so bad I posted this on one of the boards (of course the thread was deleted quickly. Which is usually the case.)

Many people have been talking about that bride and groom who didn’t serve food at their Disney Wedding. While it’s true food isn’t required for a wedding, if you have guests at a reception and they had to travel at their own expense to attend, you should provide them something. If people couldn’t afford it, that’s one thing, but then the bride said she took her food budget and spent the large sum on two private sessions with Mickey and Minnie mouse. I do understand why her guests were upset and personally, I think it was a bit rude, but again, it’s their money, their wedding and their family they have to face.

I guess I look at it this way. If they aren’t inconveniencing or harassing you what difference does it make?

How is it any different that someone going to expensive professional sporting events and collecting team merchandise? Or someone who goes to pop culture events and cons? Or someone that collects a certain type of item. Or a gamer who spends thousands on equipment and games.  Having kids or not having kids doesn’t determine if an adult can love something and have fun with it. It’s their money and their business.

Just my two cents.

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