D23 News: Epcot’s New Space Themed Restaurant to be Called ‘Space 220’


Construction has been moving along for the highly anticipated “Space Restaurant” in Epcot. Located between Mission Space and Test Track this new table service location will put guests inside a space vessel.

Originally this was announced at D23 in 2017 and they started construction last year.  This new eatery will utilize screens so guests feel like they are actually in the realm of outer space.

Two years after it was announced we are finally getting a name for this new eatery called Space 220.

The name is odd, but it actually makes sense when you know the story behind the name. It’s supposed to be a “culinary experience featuring the celestial panorama of a space station, including daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles up.”

When guests enter the will “board a special elevator for a journey to a space station that is home to an incredible dining experience. Along the way, viewports will give you a real-time perspective as you travel high above the planet. Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy fantastic meals and drinks while taking in views that are truly out of this world.”

This new restaurant will be operated by the Patina Group that operates several other restaurants on property. We can expect this new experience to open sometime this winter.

I do look forward to hearing more about this one. What do you think?

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Source: Disney

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