The Current State of EPCOT


With the recent construction at Epcot many people have pointed out that the park feels pretty Empty. The entire Future World center area is completely closed off with Walls everywhere.

I can tell you when I recently visited the park there were so many walls that you could get lost due to the lack of distinct landmarks being visible, you have to rely on signs or ask a worker if you are unfamiliar with the area.

I honestly felt like a Minotaur stuck in a Labyrinth,  so much of the front end felt unfamiliar compared to my last visit.

The Most of the park’s attractions were open, but with the supposed Moana Themed area potentially replacing The Land Pavilion possibly being canceled it is unknown what will happen to that area. Living with the Land is a relaxing slow water ride but is most likely going to be closed with the only surviving attraction being Soarin’ with a new entrance/exit being planned.

The Sea Pavilion had the Finding Nemo Ride but a large portion of the Aquarium was closed. Mission Space and Test Track were open, but those attractions don’t seem to be as popular as they used to, and the Journey Into Imagination With Figment ride is still being visited but with similarly small numbers. Spaceship Earth is set to receive a “Refurbishment” with many people expressing disinterest with changing the ride, especially with what will supposedly take its place.

Now at the World Showcase the Only Attractions people seem to visit are both the Frozen attractions at the Norway Pavilion and the Three Caballeros Ride at the Mexico Pavilion. Believe it or not most people I spoke with prefer the Three Caballeros than the rumored re-theming to Coco, I asked around and many say that they love Donald Duck, Jose and Panchito, the cartoon characters are especially popular with Kids, considering since kids come to Disney World expecting to see Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie ect., so removing them would not be a very good decision.

The other Pavilions seem to lack in the “Wow Factor”, well maybe except for Japan and America, due to the lack of attractions. France is scheduled to receive the Ratatouille ride later this year which will definitely bring guests to that area, but the Marry Poppins ride has seemingly been scrapped.

I honestly believe each Pavilion should have an attraction, maybe a Mulan attraction for China, Brother Bear for Canada, Snow White in Germany etc., but as of right now Epcot is lacking in the World Showcase area. Also I should mention that lost of guests complained about the new Harmonious stage on the Waterfront, I didn’t personally ask, I heard people mention it when they tried to take pictures, it ruins the view of the other countries and is a total eyesore.

Epcot is a nice park, the rides can be relaxing and sometimes educational, but with Disney prioritizing certain elements that don’t seem to be as important over others the experience at Epcot feels very lacking and empty. The construction up front feels very unneeded when it’s the Pavilions that need innovation, give us some new Countries like Spain, Russia, Israel, and give each area an attraction that would help draw more people to the Showcase and bring up attendance. 

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