‘Epcot Forever’ How to Succeed and Fail at the Same Time


Last night was the debut of the temporary Epcot nighttime show Epcot Forever.

Meant to be a filler until the new “HarmonioUS” show comes, Epcot Forever is meant to be a love letter and homage to the beloved Epcot of the past. And it is, for most of it. It has memorable songs from old Epcot that I grew up with.

I heard: One Little Spark, Universe of Energy, Listen to the Land, New Horizons, Tomorrow’s Child, Magic Journeys, Golden Dream, Makin’ Memories, Fun to be Free, Veggie Fruit Fruit, and more. That was awesome! The kites were cool too, but one was in the water afterwards. It did succeed in that regard!

Where did it lose people?

At the finale it switched to “A Whole New World.”  Okay? That song has nothing to do with Epcot at all. Epcot is changing, we get it. I think it’s going to be IPCOT before it’s all said and done and that just kind of pours salt into the wound.

I think Defunctland said it best with this tweet:


I also think Nathan Hartman, from WDWNT, nailed it with this as well (read his whole article it’s spot on):

“But what makes “Epcot Forever” a bigger betrayal is that it uses nostalgia to soften you only so it can push an entire new park ethos – “Remember how we brought you here to with the stuff you loved? Well, it’s gone and there is a whole new world coming, so get ready.” For some, that might sound exciting, for the majority of the people at the premiere of “Epcot Forever”, it sounded more ominous.”

I get things need to be updated. Change is inevitable. I get that, but I am very worried Epcot is going to lose what made it Epcot. Disney is so focused on pushing IP for “synergy” that they might throw out the baby with the bathwater.  I got messages and heard and read comments from a lot of people who felt exactly the same way.



I think the ending of Epcot Forever was precisely what is we can expect to come. I think HarmonioUS is going to be “A Whole New World” for an entire show. They are using the promise of a “re-imagining” using retro-Epcot, the symbols, the fountain, etc. to try and win people over, but I am really worried about what it’s going to become. Hopefully, my fears, and the fears of MANY others, will be unfounded. Also, you are totally allowed to like it. I am happy for you if you do!

If you want to see it you can watch the Disney Parks Blog stream of it below:

What do you think?

Source: WDWNT, Disney Parks Blog


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